Tuesday, October 19, 2010

back to reality

In case anyone was wondering where I've been, I finally got a few days at the beach! I haven't been on a vacation in a year and a half and desperately needed it. I was at total burnout stage but I seem to have come back with a renewed energy.

I've managed to maintain my weight loss but my running progress has suffered due to not running. Imagine that! Eating in Florida was pretty much flawless since I had nothing but grouper, oysters and sushi. The drinking however, pretty much non-stop. I'm thankful that doesn't happen very often.

Other than that, I've been working full time at the agency and still working on my own company projects which usually amounts to about 12 hours of work a day- 7 days a week. I'm thankful for the income so I can't complain too much.

I got an encouraging email from the worlds nicest ex-boyfriend asking how my training is coming along for the half marathon and the honest answer is that it isn't. It was the kick in the butt I needed to get back at it. Funny how quickly you can forget just how good it feels though getting up at 5:15 never seems to get any easier.

I'm going to try a yoga class at my gym tonight to ease back in. I've been enjoying Bikram so much but it's an expensive habit so I can really only do that once a week. I figured I should just try it at the Y and if it's terrible, I won't go again. No lavender scented cold towels there! :( Then it's back to running in the morning.

I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging more regularly and spending some time catching up on what y'all have been up to. Hope everyone has a great week!!

Monday, October 4, 2010


I haven't been around much this past week because of endless piles of work combined with social obligations out the wazoo. That makes not a lot of time for the gym and way to much eating and drinking.

It really wore me down to I started my week with an amazing hot Vinyasa yoga class at 6 am to detox. I swear, if I was a celebrity or just really wealthy, I would do this every single day. I was coming out of the building just as the sun was rising on a really chilly morning and I could still smell the relaxing lavender from the cold towel you get lovingly placed on your face at the end.

This was a new class for me and I was nervous because it's a bit more complicated and intense than Bikram. I think I did pretty well for a fat newbie and even managed a hand stand (against the wall of course!) What a fun and freeing feeling. Speaking of freeing feelings, I wore a tank top for the first time ever in public (if you count the yoga studio at 6am as public) I have just made up my mind that I deserve to be comfortable and I've seen fatter women in worse things. I enjoy the class more when I'm not paying attention to how I look and just moving through the poses doing as much as I can do. Sweet little Astrid, the instructor, has been really helpful making me feel comfortable there. I can't imagine being able to do some of the things she does with her body though!!

I'm running intervals the rest of the week and will attempt another 20 minute run on Friday. I'm hoping this one is better than the last now that the dreaded heat has finally gone.

Getting up at 5:15 is tough and I'm fading fast. This was a boring post due to lack of energy (and brain cells) Hope everyone has a great week!!