Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday mixtape is BACK

Hooray for still feeling inspired! I worked out ALL through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and because of that, I ate what I wanted and still lost 4 lbs.


I haven't been pushing myself hard enough and have gotten too comfortable with my workouts. I think my trainer was feeling that too so she kicked it up a notch which is what made me remember what it felt like to be really sore - like serious weight loss sore. I need to live in that place for me to lose weight.


For the first time in 2 years since I left the security of a full-time job, I feel like everything in place. I've found that work as a freelancer is plentiful as long as I work really hard. Now it's time to apply that to the fat fight.


I restarted the couch to 5k and it's going well. Slow but well. I have the app on my ipad now which is nice so I don't have to watch the clock. If I had the iPhone it would be a LOT more convenient ~shakes fist at T-mobile~


This is getting long so I will end with this...Does anyone else desire a pair of $98 Lulu Lemon workout pants as much as I do? New goal said aloud to trainer this morning - When I get to the magical Onederland I will buy myself some. 37 pounds to that goal. I'm ready!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful and Inspired

Thanksgiving was perfection (as I knew it would be). I spent it surrounded by friends and neighbors and never left my street. We had appetizers at one house, dinner at another, and dessert at ours around the campfire. I'm still smiling today and so thankful for my awesome life.

Yesterday started with cheering on a friend in the Thanksgiving half marathon and it was really inspiring. There are so many fit people in this town and I've always had this burning desire to be one of them. One would think that would be enough for me to do what it takes to get there but somehow it's not. Most of the time I'm my own worst enemy.

At some point today, I'm restarting couch to 5k. I plan to start at week 1 but since it's probably not necessary to start completely over, I'll move up in weeks or do it twice. This time I swear I won't push myself to move on until I'm really ready. I got sick once after my first 20 minute run and it made me discouraged enough to stop completely.

Okay enough computer time. Time to get movin'!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Not giving in

This morning in my core class I felt the effects of the way I've been eating literally getting in the way. My middle is growing again and it's making me miserable. I'm out of control and I have to reign it in.

My mantra for the coming week? Thanksgiving is ONE day, not a WEEK.

I know I can do this.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Technical difficulties

Not sure how this whole thing works but I'm trying to fix my hacked blog! I'm hoping that no-one thinks I've given it all up :) If anyone has any advice, I'd be thrilled to hear it. I've googled my brains out, removed the malicious code (I think) and resubmitted to google. I have no time for this nonsense!!

Same old same old here. Still happy, still busy (thankfully!), and still fat. I work out and then I eat to make up for it. I'm back seeing my trainer one on one which is like therapy to me and if that doesn't work, it's real therapy. I have issues. I horde linens and I eat :)

I'm hoping that getting back to blogging will help motivate me especially through the dangerous weeks ahead. I will not allow myself to be that person just getting started again on new years day. There's a good amount of time between now and then and I'm choosing to get a head start.