Thursday, December 1, 2011

better already

I've been back at the fat fight hard core and it's totally working. 8 lbs down since thanksgiving. It's funny how just a weeks work can make all the difference in my attitude, my energy level and everything else.

The extra energy is a blessing for all the work I have at the moment PLUS the time and energy needed for my monster workouts, the never ending piles of soaking wet gym clothes to be washed and cooking healthy for every meal.

Dangerous times ahead but I think I'm in a good place to make it through the holidays, birthdays, parties and everything else that comes in December!


  1. Congrats! 8 in a week is pretty phenomenal. Keep that momentum and never give up on yourself!

  2. EIGHT pounds?!? "I'll have what she's having!!!"

    Congrats, Tina - nice work!

  3. Way to go!!!
    (And ditto what Shelley said!)

  4. Fantastic start to the holiday season! Keep it up! I've also rededicated myself to myself and my health, and I'm hoping to amend my usual resolution "Lose weight" to "Keep losing weight".

  5. wowzers....8 in a week really???
    I totally can never be happier after i get more energy from exercising and eating properly...funny what junk and what no exercise can do to how you feel hey..ha

    --keep it up. xx

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