Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Please forgive my lack of blogging....

I was here
We were supposed to be in Scotland but we were flying standby and all the flights got full so we re-packed and went to Key West. This is a sandbar in the Atlantic which we got to by jet ski.

It was a great trip but I'm happy to be back to normal. Even though lost 3 lbs by biking 15 miles a day and then even more walking, I drank a TON and will be detoxing for a while.

We couldn't necessarily afford this trip but I figured it was a much needed break before starting a new chapter in my life (yet again!) I'm going back to work part-time for the agency I've been working with on a freelance basis. I'll be there 9-2 every day and then come home to do all my other freelance work. I will have to adjust to the new routine but the steady pay is something I'm really looking forward to.

and the biggest, scariest part of it all...

my running group - the official training for the Peachtree, starts saturday morning at 7:30
I'm absolutely terrified. I may end up being the largest and the slowest but that hasn't stopped me before so I guess it shouldn't now. I feel a little better after getting an email from the coach asking us all about ourselves, our fitness levels etc. so they will know they have a 200+ pound beginner on their hands. At least I can run/walk a 5k without dying and not necessarily starting from scratch. Also, it's put on by the Atlanta Track Club who is a very reputable organization that seems to cater to and respect all abilities.

See? I just talked myself out of being so scared right here in the blogosphere. I have to remember how helpful it is to blog about it all and keep doing it. I promise I will keep y'all posted on my progress. Good and bad!


  1. It's great to hear from you, Tina. Sounds like a wonderful "Plan B" to me! You look great in that chair in on the sandbar - looks like a piece of Heaven!

    Good luck on the new venture - they must like you if they want you there everyday! :)

    Good luck with the training for the race...I bet it's going to bring about big changes.

  2. Good to hear from you - and while I'm sure Scotland would have been nice, you make that Florida vacation look very appealing! Glad you got some relaxing in before your new job starts - and big congrats on that!!!

    So running club - YAYAYAYAY! I'm really, really excited for you (haha, can you tell?!?). I bet you are going to love it - a group of like-minded people, coming together with the same goal? Fantastic! There will be other slower runners, don't worry. And in the "don't judge a book by the cover" news, the last go-round with my RC, I was shocked to be pacing (and occasionally be ahead of) two fit-looking girls in their never know what anyone's abilities are just by looking at them, because I for sure thought they'd be way ahead of me and was shocked every week when I kept up with THEM.

    Can't wait to hear how Saturday goes!

  3. Congrats on everything, Tina!!! I am so jealous of you and that sandbar...

    I can't wait to see how your training goes for the Peachtree. I haven't even begun to think about I have a 1/2 marathon on Saturday in NashVegas...:) (I did this same event last year...and loved it!). The only problem is that I am fighting some serious respiratory infection (as I have been for the past month, so my only goal is to finish).

    Can't wait to hear how you enjoy your running club...and can hopefully pass along some training tips to me...:)

  4. Congrats on the part-time gig, Tina, but bigger props on the running. That's some kind of awesome.

  5. I've thought about moving to Key West and starting a flip flop repair business on numerous occasions! It's the place where time ceases to exist! LOVE it!

    Happy to tell you all about the ALCAT. We should meet up soon and I'll show you my results and we can talk about how it's ruined my life!