Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday mix tape

Another weekend gone by in a blur! 

Friday I had a friend in town and cooked a big dinner for my peeps (seafood paella!) I love cooking for people and it's so much easier to pay attention to what I'm eating when I control what's in it. 

making guacamole!
I also became an official Atlanta Track Club member!  I never thought I would be a member of such a thing but by now I finally feel like a "real runner"!

Imagine my surprise when I checked Facebook and saw this! Y'all know how much I love lululemon and now I feel even better about spending all my money there. I just had to go buy size 8s. I guess it's a good problem to have but shrinking out of expensive pants hurts :)

Saturday, even though I partied a bit late on Friday, I got up and did this!

Never in a million bazillion years would I have thought I could do this without feeling like I was going to die but I enjoyed every minute of it! I only stopped once to cross at a crosswalk and once to fill my bottle at a water fountain. I was unstoppable. I'm going to gradually increase my Saturday long runs and weekday runs (mostly) following the official training schedule I have for the half. Right now I'm really feeling like I can do 13 miles and possibly even enjoy it! :)

Sunday my quads were super sore despite all the stretching so I took the day off even though I really wanted to go to yoga. I just couldn't face 90 minutes of shaking legs. Sometimes you just have to stop for a day to recover. It's hard for me not to put any exercise in My Fitness Pal!! (I'm ridiculously accountable to that thing!)

So that's it! Have a happy, healthy week everyone!!


  1. Yeah Tina, you're a real runner. Good job!

  2. That's awesome - an official member of the track club - I love it!

  3. Congrats on fitting into size 8 at lulu!!! You look so tiny !

  4. Tina - I just this minute finished reading your entire rock! I'm so inspired by your story - your struggles, especially early on, are so identifiable for me. Keep up the awesome progress, you deserve it. (I just realized that since your surgery, you haven't posted at all about work, or work stress - I know for a fact that weight and health issues/concerns make living life just tough, so I wonder if this is a nice side effect for you?) Anyway, keep it up!

    1. Oh My! I can't believe you read it all! I just did that as I'm starting to write a book about it all. I think regarding work stress, EVERYTHING has helped. I work for myself and have (mostly!) the best clients I could imagine. You probably noticed while reading it how much I dreamed of that freedom and I finally earned it. I can now pretty much work and work out whenever I want with NO commute.

      I still have stressful times but yoga, exercise and definitely the weight loss make it so so so much easier to handle. I love that observation. Thanks so much for sharing!