Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Mix Tape

Another weekend gone by in a flash - and we even got an extra hour! And is it really November already???

Saturday morning at 7am, I set out to do my longest run ever! I was really nervous and really cold! I decided to do a 4 mile stretch of running path 3 times so I could run to the car to refill my water and grab my energy gummies. The first 2 of my 3 trips seemed ridiculously easy but by mile 9 it started to get hard. Just in time, at mile 10, my husband surprised me on his bike and stopped to take a picture. I'm not sure I've ever been happier to see anyone in my life - it gave me the energy I needed for those last 2 miles - up hill in the direct sun!

Mile 10 - feeling like the luckiest girl in the world!
This is as close to ready as I'm going to get!

30 mile week goal achieved!!!!!!

I was really surprised at how good I felt for the rest of the day. I stretched really well with *help* from Lucy

Sunday was a day of rest and beer drinking in the afternoon which sent me to bed at 7:30. Felt really rested this morning obviously :)

My (stupid) foot felt like it needed another day of rest from running so I'm headed to yoga this afternoon. It's so important to maintain my yoga practice and my strength training but it's really hard to fit that all in with all that running! Should be easier now as I'm starting to taper down now for my race which is just over 3 weeks away!

It's funny how my life isn't so much of a mix tape but more of an extended, one track remix right now. I eat, sleep and breathe running but I will (honestly honey, I swear) not be obsessed and I will slow down a bit between half marathons :)

Have a happy, healthy week everyone!


  1. Your dog is the cutest! My dog helps me stretch too and loves laying on her back like that. :)

    Congrats on the 12 miles!!!

  2. Wow, well done on your longest run ever! That's so impressive and it's so lovely your husband stopped to spur you on =). Love the picture of you stretching with your dog! I struggle with fitting in other exercise when I'm running too, so props to you for going to yoga after a long run!

  3. You've gotten speedy too Tina! If you pay a little attention, you'll see that you will start to fatigue right around the point that is taking you past your previous longest run. It's normal and by pushing through you increase your ability to endure. Endurance is more important than pace in distance running. What are you doing for your foot to help it heal (besides resting I mean)?

    1. Thanks for responding Helen! You and Shelley are my running heroes! Since they won't give me any more cortisone, I'm icing, stretching and taking ibuprofen. It feels great after yoga so I'm trying to repeat some of that at home daily - especially the poses on our toes.

      It feels fine when I'm running - it's usually later in the day or the next day it flares up. It's not terrible but it's definitely there! I'm thinking about trying KT tape again. That has worked some in the past! Any advice is always appreciated!

  4. i guess i'm the only guy here commenting, but ill do it anyway.
    i use to run but i stopped awhile but reading your keep running post inspires me to start again.. lucy looks cute tho..