Friday, August 15, 2008

Feel Good Friday

I thought I would start writing about some of my food issues and weight loss in the past but I'm just in too much of a good mood today. All my clothes are loose and I think I see some definition in my arms. Plus, I just love Fridays.

Even though work is usually crazy on a Friday, the thought of spending the next 2 days with my sweet husband and my dogs is all I need to get through it. As you can see they are all so cute I want to eat them! Lucy is on the left, Sophie on the right. Country and city rescue respectively. I imported my husband (as I like to say) from Edinburgh, Scotland and yes, he has an amazing accent, a kilt and is the funniest, sweetest, punk rock, football (soccer) hooligan on the planet.

I also get to see my mom this weekend who is traveling down from North Carolina to attend the folk art festival with me. My mom rocks and it should be a great day. I hope I find something to buy! I was fortunate enough to go to a really good art school but I have such a stronger appreciation for the self-taught artists. The crazier the better!

Unfortunately there will be no gym for us this weekend due to the schedule but Sunday we will be getting ready for our big neighborhood yard sale next weekend. I plan on working out by going upstairs to our room and to the basement a million times. I have meals planned which I never seem to manage on a weekend but I'm not going to ruin a weeks work by eating junk all weekend like I usually do. Plus, my best friend (who just moved to Savannah) is spending the night on Saturday and there will be much drinking as always. Even though we make mojitos with Splenda, the rum has calories I don't like to acknowledge.

Must get to work. I probably won't post anything much on the weekends as I avoid the computer as much as possible on the weekend since I'm chained to it 5 days a week. Good luck to everyone out there in Blogland.


  1. Wait wait wait... you're married to a Scotsman? ohmigosh, I just died a little from being so jealous. I spent a week in Edinburgh a few years ago and even though I was sick as a dog it was still one of my favorite places I've ever been.

  2. Edinburgh is truly the most awesome city in the world. Plus, British men are nothing like American men. They aren't afraid to talk about their feelings and also like women with some meat on their bones! What a country. I will post a pic of him in his kilt. Not that I want you to be jealous but it's such a novelty for us American girls!