Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back in the groove - me and about a billion other people

Happy new year everyone!

My regular readers probably know that I'm usually a very positive person. Especially with the prospect of a fresh year ahead but honestly, I totally dread this time of year. The new years resolutioners clogging up the gym cause my anxiety levels to skyrocket. This year seems better so far since I have a smaller gym with less members and a trainer. Yoga on the other hand is going to be a nightmare tonight. The more people in the hot room the hotter it is which makes it hard to breathe and the smell is unbearable. I do have a plan though. Park far away. Arrive early to claim MY spot (all the regulars know my spot). Put a little Vicks or lavender oil under my nose. I WILL get through it KNOWING that half of the people breathing up my oxygen won't be back next week.

A survey of the damage from the holidays yielded only a 4 lb. gain but boy do I have some dark circles under my eyes from too much drinking and too much sugar. I only exercised about a quarter of what I usually do but I look at that as a victory! Last year I didn't do any. A week of clean eating and exercise will get rid of all of that.

Now for the goals for 2012:

1. Onederland by June when the Lulu Lemon store opens a store in the city. It's only 35 pounds and then I can buy my fancy pants. They only go up to a 12. I know I can do that.

2. Successfully do Floor Bow without being handed my left foot. (This is the only pose I can't do in Bikram!)

3. Take a spin class - totally terrifies me.

4. Walk the 3-day for the 3rd time in honor of my Aunt Carol who passed away after an 11 year battle with Breast Cancer. She died 2 days before Christmas but was in so much pain it was a blessing!


There's going to be a lot going on up in here this year so stay tuned!!!


  1. Spin classes are intense but I was able to do it so don't be too scared lol. I've never been hugely fit.
    Also, I know what you mean about the gym. I don't know about you, but I get really antsy around too many people. I walked in to my gym yesterday and there were triple the people usually there. :<

  2. Even our Muay Thai class was PACKED tonight - I saw people I hadn't seen in 6 months lol! My feeling is hang in there and in a month or so they'll be slacking off again.

    I do hope you blog more Tina, it's always nice to see you around!

  3. Well, I like #5 the best - I've missed you! I have to rejoin my gym - my membership lapsed last month while I was working instead of swimming, and I'm feeling the same dread of fighting people just to get to the membership person, and then fighting for a pool lane. Ugh.

    My sympathies on the loss of your aunt...

  4. "Take a spin class - totally terrifies me."

    Don't worry about a spin class. It will be fun. You will see it very effective.

  5. at least you know when you stay and everyone else dwindles away - you have what it takes. Look at it as a motivation booster to beat them all! good luck with your goals this year!!

  6. Spin is meant to be fun not scary! I teach a class for all levels and I know as well as any good instructor that everyone has their own limit, you know your body and your limit so get to it!

  7. I feel depressed about my sagging skin tooo..... But well instead of asking sad questions.... let us be back in the groove with the bilion people