Monday, July 9, 2012

now what?

A friend of mine said in reference to my 10k, "it's so not fair that you did all that and don't lose 30 pounds" That's kind of how I feel today! It's a regular old Monday after a weird week with a holiday and a huge race in the middle of it. I ate and drank like a crazy person for the last 5 days and I feel like crap! I'm still fat, nothing looks good on me and I'm still tired of carrying around 100 extra 93 extra pounds.

In my efforts to quit whining and get back on track, I just had my spinach smoothie and I plan on having vegetable juice and water all day until dinner. I have a workout with my trainer this afternoon that I'm really looking forward to -it always makes me feel so positive.

I still plan on running some but I need to focus on walking to get for the 3-Day coming up in October. That means long days and lots of miles and is sounding rather boring to me at this point. I'm also going to try to fit a spin class in there somewhere - maybe even twice a week. I think I could get a lot out of it. My gym doesn't have it so either I have to switch gyms again or go to a drop-in class. All I know is that it's time to mix it up again a little.

Have a great, healthy week everyone!


  1. I hear ya! But we can do this. And I think it is wonderful you are regconizing that you need to switch things ups.. That's a good step in the right direction :)

  2. It is so hard when you just see nothing happening. You just need to keep plugging at it, plus I bet others are noticing the smaller differences more than you would. I always have that issue. I am with myself everyday and I don't notice it as drastically as others around me do.

  3. You can do it!! I know you can, Tina! Don't get discouraged. Take it one a time!! {{hugs}}