Tuesday, January 15, 2013


It finally happened. I had a breakthrough. I love spin.

I've been a little worried about how much I should exercise while on this liquid diet but honestly, I'm not sure what I would do with my free time if I wasn't exercising. I NEED it to stay focused and to stay sane through this. It's a welcome distraction and since I burned 795 calories while eating 800, I can't imagine that wouldn't show up on the scale one of these days!

Today was probably my 5th or 6th class. Spin class at our Y is kind of a cross between a crazy disco dance party and a southern baptist gospel church. It's really fun when you aren't wishing you were dead or wanting to quit and today I finally had fun. The whole time. I usually sit down halfway through the standing "hills" but today I closed my eyes, embraced the music, breathed deeply and conquered them all.

Totally exhilarating. I couldn't get my smoothie made fast enough and I ended up having to have a teaspoon of peanut butter so I wouldn't pass out.

It's going to be really interesting to see how much weight I can lose prior to surgery. The point of the liquid diet is to shrink the liver for easier access to the stomach. I'm going to have a really skinny liver if I keep this up!

To my husband, if you read this, I'm going to kick your ass on the bikes this spring. Be warned!


  1. I love that you are enjoying spin!! My cousin and I try to go once a week. It's a love hate relationship lol.. I love all the sweating and the loud music but I hate that you feel like you going to die ha ha. I always wondered why people did shakes before weight loss surgery thanks for answering the question very interesting and makes sense!

  2. You'd think because I don't mind a treadmill, I would do fine with spin, but nope. I can't stand being on a bike and going nowhere. But if you love it, stick with it! Finding what you love (spin, yoga) is more important than anything in terms of keeping you exercising.

  3. I love spin too! When it's over--there's no question about what just happened. It was a workout.
    Standing hills... yes, yes---yes! The music--yes! The burn... oh yeah...

  4. Wow you are sooo brave. I couldnt burn sooo many calories in a day...spclly when I was eating just 800.
    Im interested to know..how the scale reacts :)

  5. I haven't tried spin class yet but it sounds like a blast! Glad you found something you really enjoy.

  6. You are awesome Tina. I think of Spin as getting sweaty in the dark with strangers. :)