Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday weigh in - 3 month update

Three months since surgery already!

I saw my surgeon this morning and I don't think I've ever been so excited to go the doctor in my life! He freaked out when he saw me then we went through the numbers! He was thrilled (said I was a rockstar) with all I've accomplished in 3 months. We just sat and talked about working out and all the new things I can do. I know I say this every time I see him but I can never get over how genuinely happy he is for me and how easy he is to talk to.

Getting right to the rock star numbers...

Jan 14 - Start of liquid diet - 250
Jan 29 - Surgery weight - 237 -13
Feb 8 - 231 -6
Feb 15 - 222 -9
Feb 22 - 220  -2
Mar 1 - 218  -2
Mar 8 - 216  -2
Mar 15 - 213 -3
Mar 22 - 209 -4
Mar 28 - 208 -1
Apr 5 - 206 -2
Apr 12 - 199 -7
Apr 26 - 196 -3
54 pounds total! 
Starting BMI = 48
One month post surgery BMI = 42.6!! - 5.4
Two month post surgery BMI= 40.6 -2.0
Three month post surgery BMI= 38.3 -2.3

Inches for April
Waist: - 4. 75"
Chest: - 1"
Hips: - 2.5"
Thigh:  R - .5"
Arm: R - 1"
Calf: R - .5"
- 10.25" for this month
26.75 total inches since surgery!

Now for the progress pictures. I'm not seeing as much of a dramatic change this month but the size 14s I'm wearing and all those inches are what really matters to me - oh and all my progress with yoga and running!

click to enlarge
A couple of non scale victories to share:
1. The difference on the plane last week was amazing. No seat belt struggle. The tray table went down.
2. The hotel towel went all the way around me
3. I designed some cute, tight girlie shirts for my trainer over a year ago and never thought I could wear one. Ta-da!
I love my Karen the Fitness Girl tiny t-shirt and my jumprope!
So that's where we are now. I'm happier than I've ever been - food is no longer the center of my universe. I have energy to spare and I feel so incredibly blessed to have so much love and support from my friends, my family and my readers. I'm going to make y'all so proud!


  1. You look adorable in that last picture! I love reading your updates...happiness just oozes out! :) :) :)

    P.S. I remember when that airplane tray table went down all the way for the first time - I felt so normal...and loved it!

  2. Hooray!!! You look great and I love your happiness.

  3. Good for you!! It's amazing!! What a difference in three months!! You go this!!

  4. Aw sweetie, I'm so happy for you!!! You look fantastic and I imagine you must feel pretty good too.

    I just lost 30lbs and I'm still surprised every time I fit into some pair of pants I haven't looked at for two years :)

  5. Holy shit on a stick! Amazing. You look so fantastic. Wow. So proud of you. xoxo

  6. Wow! That's incredible progress! I KNOW what you mean about the towel fitting all the way around you. I had that wonderful experience, too!! I bet thin people never even think about the possibility that their towel night not go all the way around. It's the little things that make you feel SO successful!

  7. you are doing amazing. You look great, bet you feel great and doing so well inspires you to keep it up. Well done hun x

  8. omgggg thats actually amazing !!! in three months you lost your weight so much... :)