Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Mix Tape

Happy June everyone! Hard to believe another month has gone by already! It was a month full of milestones!

I just had my 16 month follow up with my surgeon and he's obviously very proud. He said "you weigh 121 pounds. I have nothing to add!" :) SO happy to finally have a photo with him!


2 days later I stepped on the scale and weighed 120. 130 pounds lost.  5lbs. PAST my goal!! For anyone that's worried that I'm not going to stop, I am. It would be fun to see the teens even for a minute but I'm perfectly happy where I am. At this weight, even a pound or 2 makes a difference in my running speed which is fun to play with.

I'm running so much right now getting ready for my next half marathon (less than 3 weeks!) it's not hard to lose a few pounds just from that. I'm eating more avocado (which are so good this year) and more peanut butter to keep my calories up on those 1,000 calorie burning long runs.


Speaking of running, and milestones, I earned this badge on the nike for the first time EVER. 112 miles in a month.


I can't promise I will always be running that much, especially in the heat of the summer, but I sure felt great about it. Awesome weather was a huge help

I'm still coaching my Peachtree Road Race trainees and they are doing an awesome job. We went 5 miles on a humid Saturday morning and none of them complained. As a reward, I led the stretching with some bananas balanced on my head. I've got to try to keep it fun :)

Speaking of fun, now that I'm done losing weight I decided it was time for 2 firsts - my first trip to a boutique and my first pair of designer jeans.

I was afraid of the price and the weird sizing by waist but the girl who helped me was SO nice and brought me about 10 pairs to try. They just don't look like they will ever fit and then they do. I will probably always find that weird when the zip just zips with no struggle at all.
I ended up with "7 for all mankind" brand but it was a showdown with the AG brand. They are so comfortable and worth every penny because they fit like a dream and I don't have to keep pulling them up :)

 I think the 26 waist sizing converts to a 2?!?!

 Luckily I had a dinner date with BFF (90 pound co-worker if you read my blog in the early days!) and I got to wear my fancy pants and the shirt I bought too! She's 6 months pregnant and I couldn't resist the headphone bib as one of her many gifts :)


Sunday morning I decided I wanted to ride my bike instead of going to yoga so I got back on it for the first time in 130 pounds.

Absolutely amazing experience. I had SO much fun and we rode 5 miles spontaneously. That to me is the best part of my my new life.


And because I know you want to know, the renovation is coming along. I had to test the strength of my new kitchen door header!

Have a happy, healthy week everyone!!!


  1. Congrats! You look wonderful, and I'm sure the doctor is thrilled with how well you have done. Good luck with your marathon.

  2. I recall a post back when you were starting this journey that referred to the doc as Doctor McDreamy... now I see why. ;) I've truly enjoyed following your progress and seeing you so successful has encouraged me to stop dreaming of having a better, healthier life and start pursuing it. I submitted my application yesterday to start exploring my options with a local surgeon - not sure what the future will bring but I'm proud of myself for taking that first step. So thank you Tina, for being an inspiration!

    1. Hi Sara! I have to admit my blood pressure is always high when I'm at his office :) SO happy for you and wish you the best of luck with the process. PLEASE let me know if you need anything or have any questions at all! I'm here to help! tinatait(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. Love your blog! I just started my weight loss journey and blog. Hope to have similar successes. Congrats on the hard work!

  4. Congratulations! Amazing story, I aspire to be exactly where you are one year from now!!!!! I love using this blog to find recipes, workout ideas, and support from other people on the weight loss train with me! I am two months in on my journey with Plexus. I take plexus slim pink drink and plexus accelerator once a day. I've lost 19 lbs and 21" so far! I've tried everything before and this is the first supplement that has worked for me. I had it approved by my doctor before beginning. The products are all natural and super easy to use and lose weight! If you'd like more information on the product you can email me at or visit my website

  5. You kick ass, girl! That's all there is to it. You still need to change the name of your blog. It's time for re-branding!!