Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Well it was almost impossible to get these guys to sit still for some pictures but I did the best I could. All pictures of them are blurry because they are always on the move! Still, they look adorable and the neighborhood dogs all have matching bandannas as well.

I have such a doughnut craving today. Luckily I have none! I haven't even eaten all the Halloween candy this year. I usually end up having to buy more at the last minute because I ate it all. For some reason I'm just not that in to it this year. I also tried to buy stuff I didn't like that much but seriously, there's not much out there I don't like. I think I'm really starting to see some changes in myself as far as my attitude towards food. I don't have to eat it all just because. What a concept!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe halloween. I will be voting in hopes that everyone will be out with their kids and not in my line : )


  1. Oooo so adorable! I've tried to get my hound mix to wear a bandanna but she always manages to pull it off. I think it's a bit too dainty for her tom boy self.

    Mmm doughnuts...

  2. So cute! My pup will be in an orange sweater tonight (hmm, should probably post picture). Way to go resisting the donut craving. Keep it up!

  3. Happy Halloween! Cute puppy dogs :)

    I ate a bit of candy this year myself, but nothing like years past. I don't like the non-chocolate stuff.