Monday, November 3, 2008

Goals - fit for 40

I've never been one for setting goals for myself but I feel like the older I get the more they really work for me. I've been trying to get through the things I don't like to do by making myself focus on one thing a week. Then I don't get overwhelmed at the idea of a weeks worth of things I hate like dealing with finances and general boring grownup life stuff.

Keeping up with this blog has helped me so much with my attitude. I feel like I can really do this again so I've set some goals that may be big, but I've done it all before and I can do it all again.

My 40th birthday is a little over a year away. I'm not worried about turning 40 but it's a milestone nonetheless. It also marks the age (for me personally) where there's no turning back as far as having kids are concerned but that's an issue for another day.

I've been thinking a lot about where I want to be when this birthday comes and it certainly doesn't involve being fat. For some reason I feel like if I'm still fat at 40 then I always will be. Certainly people over 40 lose weight all the time but it's gotten so much harder for me now than when I was young that I can't let it get any worse.

My goal is to lose 100lbs by August 7th. That's just a little bit over 2lbs. a week. The reason for this date is I've decided I have to walk the 3-Day again (before the birthday) and this year will be doing it in Chicago. I can just imagine crossing the finish line in my favorite city 100 pounds lighter. One of my friends that lives there works for Oprah so you never know...I might even get to meet her and tell her my story : )

I realize this is a huge undertaking and while I may not reach my numbers goal, I think it's a good one. Like I said I've done it all before and I can do it all again.

Meanwhile, my goal for the week is to drink my water, track my food and go back to my water aerobics class. So far so good!

Look out swimmers, this fat girl is diving back in.


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    types the 40 year old ;)

  3. Great goal! Looking forward to reading about your successes between now and August!

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