Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How much did she lose this week?

It was an expected GAIN. + 1.6 pounds. This is after my huge loss last week due to the flu. I think anything I ate was going to put a little of that back on after not eating for 3 days. My co-worker found this image of a 1.6 pound beach blanket and wrote "Dirty Justin Memorabilia" on it. It's a long story. It is however representative of something I hate.

I'm still averaging 2 pounds a week and I'm so happy with that. Weight Watchers is the best. My next goal is to hit the 10lb. mark which should happen in the next week or two if I behave myself. I've been afraid of exercise lately and now that I'm feeling better, I keep making excuses and talking myself out of it. I keep thinking it's leftover tired from the flu but now it's just plain laziness.

I'm diving back in to the pool tonight after 3 weeks off. I hope I remember how to swim:)


  1. It's so hard to get back on the horse after so much time off, isn't it? Sometimes I think it's harder than starting a new habit in the first place. But I bet after a couple of days of getting back into your routine you'll find yourself clicking back into place. Good luck. 10 pounds lost is so close!

  2. I love your weight pictures - even the "bad" ones! You've done well considering you were sick and I'm sure that messed everything up.

    Ten pounds, here you come!

  3. Its amazing how ww is working for you and just isnt the thing for others...good reminder to me that it's all so unique to the individual. Like with all other things.

    hope you had a fun swim.