Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How much did she lose this week?

Why it was this lovely laptop.
-2.6 pounds!

I'm thrilled about it considering my boredom binge. This just proves to me that this getting right back on track thing works and I haven't been able to do that well until Weight Watchers. The accountability to them and to y'all has really helped too!

I'm going to the pub tonight AFTER my water aerobics class to watch Scotland play and I hate that this place doesn't have their menu online. I like to be prepared these days! Oh well at least I'm going to my class first. Normally I would have skipped my class to allow more time at the pub but I'm committed to this exercise thing. I'll just go straight there with wet hair :)

I love the Jillian Michaels podcasts! I listened to almost a full one on my hour drive home last night. So much less frustrating than the news or the stupid satellite radio stations that play the same song over and over. She is very easy to listen to and she has a lot of great advice. It also gave me something to think about other than my ever growing road rage.

Last thing is Jen from Prior Fat Girl is giving away Pop Chips. These things are amazing if you haven't tried them. Trader Joes has their own brand but this brand has more varieties of flavors. I would love to win these!


  1. Yay, Tina!!! And great commitment on going to your workout before the pub!

  2. Awesome job on the 2.6! You have done so well!!!!!

    Super awesome on the plug!!! I love those chips myself and am half tempted to delete the whole post and claim myself as the winner. Thanks for letting me know they are at trader joe's though - I can now support my newly found habit!

  3. Way to go - down 2.6! You are on a roll. And skipping pub time for water aerobics? You are in this up to your neck and it's doing good by you. I admire the heck out of your commitment.

  4. YEAH!! Great job, you are on your way.

  5. wow. GREAT JOB. now we just need to find us all a Splenda Daddy who will distribute laptops to us for free in honor of your loss :)

  6. Tina - that's great! 2.6lbs. WTG!!