Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A revelation

I have been slack on the posting but I had a ton of work to do and felt it would be better to get that done before blogging. Now it's Wednesday already and I haven't had a minute to breathe!

Still on an emotional roller coaster ride but I had a revelation on the elliptical last night. While the rest of my life is rather crazy and out of control, the one and only thing I have complete control over is myself. I've been feeling so powerLESS over my job and the general state of the economy and the only time I feel powerFUL is when I'm drenched in sweat while pushing my body to its limits. I have read some posts from other bloggers regarding this but it's one of those you have to experience for yourself to really get it. Next time I'm trying to talk myself out of exercising, I will remember that one for sure.

It's going to be another couple of weeks before I can use my 7 day pass at the Y. I'm out of town on Friday and Monday and didn't want to waste any of it. I will keep y'all posted.

Hope everyone is having a great week. I'm hoping to catch up on some blog reading!


  1. A sweat-soaked shirt is a testament to energy over lethargy, willpower over don't wanna, spirit over same-ol-same-old. Congrats on embracing the perfect tool to fashioning a brand new you, Tina.

    And as someone in your same biz, I'm really seeing a lot of signs of things getting better with our agency. Hope it turns out to be the same in your case.

  2. You've got it figured out and goin' on, Tina. It really does make us more powerful than we would otherwise realize.

  3. What? Work before blogging? Geez, woman, where are your priorities?!?

    OK, now that I've gotten that sarcasm out of the way, I absolutely love what you said about being in control of yourself - what wonderful insight!

  4. Very true indeed.

    Hope work settles down so you can blog more! I know the feeling.

    Have a good time while you're out of town.

  5. I hate it when I have so much to do that I don't have time for other things. Come on over and join my JJ challenge!

  6. You're spot on Tina. I finally learned the one thing I can control is myself and my eating habits. I always let the mood of others determine my mood and my binge.