Tuesday, March 15, 2011

all good

Another week, another crazy schedule. I can't believe how easily I'm keeping up with all of this! Between work and working out I'm surprised I still have the energy to do anything else but I continue to surprise myself! I've always heard that exercise gives you tons of energy for other things but I can't remember the last time I experienced that...until now!

I have been enthused about cooking again, I can run around with my friends kid, I can walk up the stairs to get something and not be out of breath. The yard work we did this past weekend would have killed me last year but this time it was even fun and I had enough energy left to make dinner for my neighbors!

The scale this week is another story. Tom is here and brought 6 pounds of bags with him which is all water. I can feel myself sloshing around. Yoga tonight should take care of that! :) I have had a much healthier attitude toward the scale these days because I see and feel big changes taking place.

What's most different is I'm looking forward to everything I'm doing. Sunday nights I get excited to go back to my week of yoga and training. Truly a miracle.

Tonight is yoga, tomorrow is my group training class, Thursday is a run/walk, Friday is yoga again and Saturday morning is my 5k. I know I will be really bummed on Sunday during the half marathon I can't participate in but maybe having done the 5k will ease the pain.

Feel good everyone!


  1. Reading this is giving me motivation. I am currently almost reaching 300 pounds. I feel tired all the time, and for a while I was doing a stationary bike. That is what my dr told me to do, b/c of my weight. I think I just get discouraged. But reading this blog will really help me. Thank you so much for putting this out there. Good job on all the hard work!

  2. I'm like Crystal (above). Reading your stuff today is motivating. Here's a hug to you!

    xo GP

  3. What's this I hear about cooking? Let me know what night to come over!! :-)

  4. Im riding yer motivation wave this week too.


  5. Dang, woman - you are making me want to get up and MOVE!!!

    I feel your frustration at not being able to do the half - the 5K will be a little bittersweet, but at least you will do something...and you'll get your half done, soon. :)

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  7. I really like how determined you are to lose weight. I hope that you will reach your goals! Goodluck to you.