Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Monday Mix Tape (Wednesday edition)

I've been desperate to have a minute to post to thank y'all for your incredibly kind support after my 5k on Saturday. I feel like a superstar :) I'm also glad some I could offer some inspiration - I swear, if I can do it you can do it too!

The day after the race I was having some shin pain and decided to call the running store and find out when I bought my shoes. They were 10 months old already so I decided I deserved a new pairThese are the updated version of what I had and the are so nice and bouncy!


Things are crazy busy on the work front (amen!) but that means no double workouts this week. I did manage at least an hour every day so far but I'm feeling the effects from stress of it all. I know that the workouts will help me deal with it better but sometimes it's really hard to step away from work to go to yoga or run.


I've had a love hate relationship with the Biggest Loser over the years but there is REALLY something special about this season's group. They are amazing and every single one of them has already won. I'm motivated by every single word that they say. Jillian BOWED to Olivia at the end last night. You seriously know you did a good job if Jillian bows down to you!!! It was very touching and I don't think I've ever seen the trainers so affected by a group like that before. This whole idea that one of "us" could motivate the trainers is new to me but I get it a little more now.


I've come to the conclusion that I only lose weight one week out of the month. Blame it on hormones, age, perimenopause, or all of the above, but I'm starting to be okay with it. I should see a little loss again in the next week or two. I still check my weight every day but I don't let it affect me like I used to. I've learned that living this way is much less about the scale and so much more about feeling strong and accomplishing awesome things.

Speaking of awesome, if anyone is trying to keep up with my record setting planks, you've got to kick it up a notch
2 minutes 31 seconds
That's right. New record set on Monday. Karen saw the whole thing. I need to think about how I will celebrate getting to 3 minutes :)

Now I must work. Have a great and healthy rest of the week!


  1. Forget Jillian, I'd bow to you in a minute, an hour a day working out is an incredible feat!

  2. Awesome time! im only at 10 seconds lol

  3. Missed your 5K story, but kudos on the accomplishment. You're kicking some serious ass. I'm really proud of you.

    I'm doing my first "official" 5K at Fitbloggin, so here's hoping I can bring it as hard as you did!

  4. You are a planking queen! Ironic. I wrote about this group of Biggest Losers today, too.

  5. Congrats on the 5k, and your new plank record! I am in awe of you avid exercisers. Go, go, go!

  6. Love reading your posts because you have such great energy and enthusiasm and it comes through in everything you write.

    Congratulations on our 5k! I've been watching loving the Biggest Loser this season too. I haven't always watched in the past, but this has been a great season, very inspiring.

  7. Hey Jillian!
    I always love finding fellow athletic runners out there, like myself, new to the game.

    I am participating in my first 10K womens only run in NYC in a few weeks and I've been kicking butt and training really hard. Yay.

    One thing I can honestly say that has been helping me out is this brand new tool referred by my fitness expert trainer called Fitango. Its an online community that trains, tracks and motivates you. I've never been happier and I think it will allow all of us runners to improve and meet our goals! FINALLY :)

    I'll continue to take some inspiration from you ;)


  8. Damn Tina, a 2 minute 31 second plank? I bow to you!!!

  9. Congrats on the Plank feat/ U r a rock star.

  10. Wow, 2.5 minutes a lot! Congrats and keep it up.
    I love the contestants on the Biggest Loser. Most seasons there are a few annoying people, but this season, I could relate to just about everyone. It really is a special group. Can't wait to see the finale! They are all winners.

  11. Awesome plank job! Due to your post about planks, I've started doing them...I'm up to 30 seconds!!

  12. Okay...I am going to jump onto the plank-wagon...I have never been successful...but reading your blog has inspired me...Doubtful that I get much beyond a few seconds to begin with--but I have to start somewhere, right?

    Love your new shoes, too...A new pair of kicks is always awesome (unless they are blister inducing...)

    Keep it up, Lady!!