Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday mix tape - good news and bad news edition

I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted. What was worse is that I looked back on the positivity in that last post and realized I need to get back up there again!

The bad news:

The arm injury finally got the best of me and I went to the doctor on Friday. I have a classic case of tendonitis and am not allowed to lift weights until it's 100% better. Other than that I can do just about anything but the constant pain doesn't help with motivation for exercise. I've taken good care of it over the last few days and hope it goes away soon. What's the rush you ask? I've gained 9 freaking pounds.

The good news:

I did a 3 minute plank.
I swear I thought my trainer was crazy when she said that was something people did.
The guy at the Goodwill donation truck told me I was looking great. He's seen me shrink the last few months as I keep handing him more and more clothes that no longer fit. I found that laugh out loud to myself funny.
I just ordered peanut butter online for the first time which I find very strange but oh well! I tried a Justin's Nut Butter Honey Peanut Butter 80 calorie pack at Starbucks and it was amazing. I just ordered 40 packs. Finally a way to eat peanut butter and banana (or apple!) at my desk. It's seriously delicious.
At least there are more good things on the list than bad but the bad was a serious blow.

The plan for the week is to focus on cardio and cut down on the carbs. I hope to get this 9 lbs off as quick as it came on. I have to have to have to keep going!


  1. See what happens when you don't post? Don't ever do that again :-) Seriously, glad you are on the mend both physically and weightcally (I just made up a word). It's a battle worth fighting. The weight will come off, the arm will mend, and you will be on top of your game again.

  2. ACK! I hate that your elbow is such a mess and hurting you so much! Did the planks bother it? The THREE MINUTE plank??? Damn woman!!! Color me impressed!

    The Goodwill guy noticing your weight loss is awesome.

    Nut butter and honey? Oh my. Sounds delicious. I love that it's packaged into reasonable serving sizes, too.

    Have a good week, heal, and let us know how you're doing, por favor! :)

  3. Hang in there'll get your groove back! How many months til November?? I need to get busy, too!! (Let me know if you know of anyone selling a decent treadmill for cheap!! I'm still looking!!)

  4. Now that you know what's wrong, you'll be able to work around it and get back on track. I think you'll be saying bye bye to those extra pounds in no time.

  5. THREE MINUTE PLANK? Holy moly.

  6. Here's to everyone getting back on track!

  7. Hang in there girl!