Wednesday, August 3, 2011

running in circles

Sometimes I feel like my life is like running a race on a track. Some days you win, some days you lose but you never really get anywhere. Oh and there are plenty of hurdles to jump along the way.

Every week I set out with the best intentions in the world for week full of exercise and healthy eating. It's only Wednesday and I've already had a flat tire and food poisoning. I've had no exercise and have been living on white bread and ginger ale.

I forced down a yogurt this morning - so far so good - and I'm hoping to be back to exercising tomorrow but right now I feel like I got hit by a bus!
Here's hoping for some smooth sailing for a while. I need to make some progress and it's so hard when so much gets in the way.


  1. sending "feel better" vibes your way.....getting sick sucks...

  2. Oh no! I've experienced food poisoning and it can knock you right off your feet. Feel better soon Tina.

  3. Worse than getting sick is that feeling of falling behind - hang in there, it's only Wednesday. Hope you feel better and your week does a 180!

  4. I keep telling myself it takes 21 days to form a habit if I can just stick it out 21 days. I haven't been able to do it either, but I know we can!

  5. Congrats on coming thus far.Keep yours eyes on the prize.See the end from the beginning.Quitting is not an option.CHAMPS never quit.
    This week,I ended phase 1 - 12 weeks of using the "fat burning furnace" weights resistance program, 3 days a week and have lost 22 pounds - from 238 lbs to 216 lbs.I did not do any special dieting.I tried to eat more veggies but also ate white bread and white rice.I drank half a gallon of iced water during my workouts.My 1st phase workouts were all strength focused routines.The goal of phase 1 was to build overall body strength.I am now onto another 12 weeks(phase 2) doing machine/free weights,bodyweight exercises and sprints combination circuits to get rid of more fat.This 2nd phase, I am doing 2 sessions(on Monday & Friday)of various HIIT combined exercise conditioning drills invoving bodyweight,free weights,stretch bands,sprints and 400 metre runs.These sessions are short and intense,lasting maximum 30 minutes.I will do one session (Wednesday) of strength training using free and machine weights lasting half an hour.My 1st phase weight routines took 30 minutes to complete.My goal for phase 2 is to strip the excess fat especially around my belly and build body function endurance.I will reduce my intake of white processed foods and limit portion sizes.
    For me,weights resistance training has fired up my metabolism and burnt a good amount of fat.
    Keep your head up.The road to glory is a long travelled one,filled with potholes.But it will be worth it.You are the master of your own destiny.

  6. Gradual Weight Loss is very imp, bcoz after weight loss Saggy skin

  7. Welcome back to routine - it's always a process for every one of us. PS - food poisoning? UGH!