Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I have never been an ask for help when you need it kind of person which is really stupid when you think about it. I have a huge network of people who inspire me and have great ideas that get me through the tough times. That said, I'm reaching out.

Eating has been my downfall lately. I have been obsessed with food. Combine that with a terrible sweet tooth and zero interest in anything healthy and we have a problem. It almost makes me depressed when we only have chicken and vegetables for dinner?!?! I know I need to eat lunch but nothing sounds good. It doesn't help that I don't like vegetables all that much but I do force myself to eat them. I tried cutting way down on carbs and I thought it would cure my cravings but I can't deprive myself of anything when I'm working out this hard. I NEED the fuel.

I've put some more effort in this week to find ways to get more veggies in like making broccoli slaw and going to the farmers market for really fresh and interesting vegetables. It's easier in the winter because I hide them in chili, soup and sauces.

So, how do y'all get your veggies in? What keeps you full and satisfied? I'm all, I mean eyes! :)


  1. I made some tabbouleh last night (quinoa grain and lots of fresh veggies). It was terribly bland but you know why? It wasn't full of fat and cheese and things that are not good for you. I am trying to enjoy the taste of fresh veggies for what they are - if that makes sense. I guess I'm saying I'm just trying to do the right thing and hope my taste buds will follow! :) Hang in there!

    Becky's Healthy Life

  2. I have the same issues - sometimes health food just doesn't appeal to me - and I have a raging sweet tooth that calls to me every night after dinner. For me,some of the easiest veggies to make (that taste good too) are sweet potatoes - just scrub and throw them in the microwave for 9-11 mins (don't forget to puncture first or they will explode)...sugar snap peas - steamed (but kept crisp) with a sprinkle of sea salt, acorn squash (cut in half and roasted with a drizzle of honey or a sprinkle of brown sugar - sweet but healthy!). I have also made a great fake lasagna with spagehtti squash - a version of the recipe I use can be found at
    There are many other varieties of this recipe, but the general idea is not to use noodles, but get in lots of veg! Grilled asparagus drizzled with olive oil and lemon zest is also a fave of mine...Good luck with getting in the veggies. I applaud you for kicking ass in the activity department - that is where I struggle most!

  3. It's hard for me to get them in , too (all I want is cookies. just. cookies. haha).
    I make myself put at least one vegetable in every meal (2 at dinner, if I can), and at least one of my snacks has to be a veg.
    Like, breakfast will either be an omlette with some broccoli, or 'fakes benedict' (no hollandaise, eggs easy over so the yolk serves as sauce) with green beans or spinach: veg soup or salad for lunch: salad and a hot veg at dinner. That way I get at least 4 or 5 in per day...

    And spices. Spices, spices, spices (like put spices directly in the water you make your grains with). The more flavor things have the more it helps.

    I still want cookies, though.

  4. I hear you about the recent struggle - been in kind of the same place myself. I do get plenty of veggies as I have a humongous salad for lunch daily, and I really like vegetables. But I like other stuff too, and I have been indulging too much, and it's been too stinking hot to exercise outside (since I quit the gym).

    You'll get you mojo back, Tina. Just the act of asking for support and suggestions is a big step!

  5. I very recently became a vegetarian (and my willingness to do so has shocked me more than anyone around me) for health reasons and have found myself craving sweets less and less as the weeks go on.
    I used to be a lowfat, high carb girl and lost my weight that way.
    I have completely shifted my thinking and have let more fats (in the way of coconut milk, nut butters, etc)
    into my daily eating. And the addition
    I am eating more and more vegetables without even thinking!!!
    I am eating chickpeas, broccoli,beans, peppers, you name it!!!
    Try hummus with your veggies too!!!!

  6. raw snow peas and carrots. Big servings at lunch each day. Green salad at dinner with whatever we are having...

  7. You might try juicing. I know some vegetables and fruits don't mix but some do for juicing and you might get some veggies in hidden in some fruit.

  8. I like big salads - I throw in lots of raw veggies. Other than that, it's my standard grilled veggies in the summer, or steamed in the winter.

    Sounds like you just need a change - and for the sweet cravings, are you getting enough fruit?

  9. im no stranger to feeling the exact same way. mine usually happens in winter though, when i feel like fresh fruits and veggies are not available.

    my favorite "dessert" for my lunch is apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon, dipped in vanilla yogurt. it is heavenly!

    good luck girl - you can pull through it! its just a period and will not last forever!

  10. I grew up on maybe half a dozen different vegetables. And have been trying lots of new stuff ever since.

    First, you should find out which texture suits you best. I love my veggies as crunchy as possible, but the BF loves them cooked to death. (I take a huge box with cut-up veggies to work as lunch, together with a sandwich.)

    Second, it takes about 10x of trying something before your body really knows if it likes that specific food item. Be persistent.

    Third, if you find something you like, eat tons of it. Sometimes we have broccoli in all possible variations until the BF turns green. Other times, it's tomatoes. Or cauliflower. Or fennel.

  11. I'm sorry you're having a hard time today. I recognize those feelings and they're awful. I do have some suggestions that might help.

    I have a chicken salad recipe in mind cuz I just made it yesterday. I posted the recipe on my page at It's quick to make and lasts for a couple of days (makes 4 servings). It's low calorie without tasting like a dieter's plate.It has lots of greens in it too that are sort of "hidden."

    I'm also a huge fan of sugar snap peas. I eat them raw, which keeps them crunchy like a chip. The rounder ones are super sweet. I don't know if it's just me, but they seriously taste like candy. I buy the ones from Vons because they carry the good kind in the bag that are rounder. Seriously, the flat ones are NO GOOD. Get the fat ones. They're sweet and crunchy.

    They're great with a dip I like to make that's made with 1 part plain nonfat yogurt to 1 part sour cream (mix this up to see what works for you)and one package of powdered ranch dip mix. So good!

    There's no reason you should have to eat plain old chicken breast with a side of boring veggies to lose weight.

    And try checking out SparkPeople, they have great recipes in their meal plans that end up tasting fabulous. Like their spaghetti made with spinach, tomato sauce and chick peas. Sounds weird, but seriously try it. It's bomb.

    Good luck, and let me know how it turns out.

  12. I want to thank you for keeping it real...not sugar coating it. So many people on the weight loss journey are always so positive and happy...I just have a hard time believing that is possible. I'm by no means a negative person and alway try to keep it real. I said all that to say "struggling" is something I do very well and I appreciate you being real, real, real.

  13. I'm a chili fan. You can throw all kinds of beans and lentils in there with some bell peppers, onion, corn and tomatoes. It's a great source of fiber.
    Baked pasta dishes worked well with fresh veggies too. Just sautee which ever veggies you like and bake them with some whole wheat pasta and marinara sauce or diced tomatoes topped with some wheat bran or wheat germ (in place of bread crumbs) and Parmesan cheese.

  14. We like to put veggies in wonton wraps and then cooking them in the oven for a bit. They are yummy.
    I have a hard time with veggies also.

  15. I understand the sweet tooth, I've been having terrible cravings lately. However, I am a huge veggie lover. But my husband isn't at all and he just started the paleo diet, so he is trying to eat more veggies. One meal that I started fixing for him is a "Hobo dinner". You take a large piece of aluminum foil and put a pile of cut up veggies in the center. some we use: potatoes, carrots, onion, green/red peppers, mushrooms, squash. It's best to put potatoes and carrots on the bottom as they take longer to cook. Then you add the seasonings that you like and then we top it with either a boneless skinless chicken breast or a ground round patty. Fold it up in the foil sealing the edges and either grill it or bake it in the oven for 45 mins. or so at 350 degrees. I usually put the foil packet on a cookie sheet. It makes a very easy meal & hardly any clean up. If I use chicken I usually drizzle a little olive oil over it & season it before I cook it.
    I hope that the past week or so has been going better for you. Stay focused!

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  17. I know it sounds really dunmb but I have had the same issue but My biggest weakness is getting in enough water LOL My Though is go to its is the best application andyou can have it on your phone too and gives you losts of different choices to choose from and Ironically enough since I did that I get in whats needed and usually end up at the mark or below a little on my daily intake but feel full and satisfied all day it helped me .... Check it out I feel your pain but you can do it .... I know because I have the same issue!

  18. This is such an inspiring blog! I think a great way to get veggies in is through "green" smoothies or juices. Add some broccoli or spinach to an all-fruit smoothie and you won't even notice a difference in taste (although you will in color!)

    Also, if you eat sandwiches often, try adding some bell peppers or carrots or extra tomato. Some mustard and good bread will make the veggies almost unnoticeable! Hope this helps! Look forward to more of your posts!

  19. I do a taco salad at least twice a week. Lots of romaine, spinach, topped with bell pepper strips, tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, carrots, all topped with a little taco meat and salsa. I love cheese and sour cream, but have learned to love this salad without either of these two items. For desser, I have a Weight Watcher Frozen Fudge Bar! They are super satifsfying for the sweet tooth! You're doing great! Good luck!

  20. Love your blog and I just kinda stumbled upon it by clicking "next blog" from my blog. My comment is totally unrelated to question about veggies but I just have to to you get followers? I don't even have 20 (although I suspect I have some secret followers)and I have been blogging since 2009. I was just so amazed reading your blog and some comments of your followers. I know it's hard for a lot of people to admit that they struggle with weight loss but hey no one is alone in this matter you can't turn on the tv or radio without hearing about the next great weight loss miracle. I wish I could scream out the miracle lies within and until I realized that I struggled as well but I have been maintaining for 4 years now and will never look back. Anywho I digress, I see that I don't blog as often as you do but I crave feedback to my comments because they are so inspirational. I started the blog in the first place to keep me motivated and because I was always asked by friends, co-workers, family and strangers for my weight loss and exercise tips so I could just refer them to one place for the goods. All I can say is keep diving and it will always be a struggle but one I'm sure you can manage. So any tips on attacting more followers I would love...they keep me going! And btw follow me at

  21. Hey Tina, just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you and hope you're doing well. Have a good weekend!

  22. Tina...the crazy thing is you must eat, eat, eat to lose weight...but (there's always a but), you will lose the most weight by combining the right kinds of foods and eliminating some others altogether.... Start burning belly fat by eliminating 4 of the more "notorious" white foods that can inhibit weight loss: potatoes, sugar, white flour and white rice.

    You can get fast results with just a few minor changes - avoid these foods for 2 weeks...after a week or so you might notice that the cravings for all things sweet has gone down - yea! You might enjoy reading this "3 Simple, Healthy Meal Plans You Can Start Right Now":

    Be kind to yourself. You are making lifestyle changes that will get you to and keep you at your desired healthy weight :-)

  23. Well, eating is also still my problem even if I'm already working out. I'm still craving for foods that unnecessary for my diet since I already working out in the gym. But, I'm not eating too much unhealthy foods. I ate more vegies and fruits to maintain my weight. Actually, I eat unhealthy foods once a week.

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  24. I have struggled with weight loss my entire life. There are so many programs out there that are total junk. After filtering through tons of unkept promises, I stumbled upon this one and it has worked AMAZINGLY for me, honestly. I tried it because I needed to get down to the actual reasons why i was unable to lose weight. i just though i would pass on the good word. i hope this helps.