Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Preparation (in pictures)

In my world, preparation is the second key ingredient for success in the fat fight. The first is accountability which I wrote about the other day.

I decided to break these things up into 3 blog posts (you'll have to stay tuned for the 3rd) because each and every part is essential. One doesn't seem to work without the other.

This consulting job was a slap in the face on the preparation front. I was doing little, if any, and now that I have to travel, pack lunch, work 7-4, workout and then cook dinner, there's no other way around it!

I set out to the farmers market on Sunday morning when it opened and just barely beat the ridiculous crowds. I came home with ALL of this for $28. All of it organic except for the clementines.

It makes me ill when I have to buy vegetables somewhere else and pay twice the price for non-organic produce. I just HAVE to make the weekly stop part of the preparation which isn't easy. The place is the size of 2 Walmarts and full (and I mean FULL) of people. I have had to take a xanax to go there on a Saturday.

Now here's where it can go all sorts of wrong. I have the choice to shove all of this in the fridge right away OR wash it and prep it all for the week so it lasts long and is more convenient. The difference is, if I shove it all in the fridge, that's where it will stay, rotting and unused, while we order pizza.

So I washed and prepped it ALL where it's resting comfortably in the fridge in paper towel lined bags. Ready to grab, cook and eat. I need an alternate storage solution - I hate using so many plastic bags but that's going to require a little research. Suggestions are welcome!

Now that I know what I have to work with, the meal planning begins. This is a work in progress shot...

I have a whiteboard calendar on the fridge. It's a month calendar but I only do one week at a time which leaves me room for my lists at all the different stores I have to go to. It's USUALLY color coded but as you'll notice on my target list, I need new dry erase markers :)

Wednesdays dinner will be a treat - our local market cooks weeknight suppers for $7 each. Wednesday is grilled flounder and zucchini. We try to limit them to one night a week since even though it sounds healthy, the chef is not known for low-fat cooking!

The next step is cooking anything that's cook-able in advance.

Jenny O Turkey sausages on the grill

added to 6 eggs (using only 3 yolks)

poured in a muffin pan and mixed with little bit of cheese and baked for 20 minutes

There was LOTS more but I had to stop being a photographer and get to work. I cooked and washed and planned and cleaned for 3 hours. It's NOT easy. It can be fun if you enjoy cooking but it's a serious commitment.

Last night was the big payoff. We've had such a mild winter that there's no excuse not to be outside. I got home at 5 and was able to power walk almost 3 miles with the dogs knowing I had the time since dinner was all ready to go. I can truly say I spent the whole day stress free because of the planning ahead. I'm hoping that lasts the whole week!

My weigh in will be Saturday morning with my sweet and supportive friend Crys who I unexpectedly ran into at my very first Weight Watchers meeting. I'm hoping and praying that putting all of this into action is going to show on the scale!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Living in the present

I'm extra guilty of the things discussed in this great post my trainer wrote.

My first week on my contract job in the burbs is coming to a close and except for an extremely hungover start to yesterday, it's been great! I feel confident I can do a great job here and really make a big difference on this project.

The bad news is I haven't worked out all week. I have to get up at at 5 to be here by 7 and that took it's toll on me all week. Today I feel like I'm in the swing of this and next week will be a little easier. Saturday is my trainers class and that will help get me going again!

Food has been a bit of a challenge with no refrigerator but the cafeteria is great...I had a salmon salad 2 days in a row cooked on the grill right in front of me...it even had nutritional information with it. Snacking is not as easy as you are expected to go to the cafeteria to eat anything (even if you bring it from home) but I have had a few snacks at my desk ;)

This is a boring post so I'm glad I posted an interesting article.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Now that my self proclaimed "year of discovery" has come to an end and the "putting it all into action" year has started, I think I've finally narrowed it to what really works for me. That thing is accountability.

I've got that more than covered in the exercise department with my trainer, my yoga instructor who both make me look forward to seeing them AND getting a great workout. I'm still finding it challenging to fit in as much cardio as I need to.

Food wise, I'm back to basics and back to Weight Watchers. I find that having that meeting in the back of my mind keeps me honest all week and damn I love that sticker! I was laughing about the sticker thing with my trainer and she said "girls just like stickers". I'm already spending a small fortune on my adventures in fitness.

Now that I finally get all settled in my new routine, there's a HUGE wrench thrown in. I'm starting a 4 week consulting job. Onsite at the client. Back out in the burbs. For anyone reading who doesn't know, I worked in the suburbs of Atlanta (I live in the city) for 7 years. 50 miles a day round trip. 1 hour each way on a good day, 2 on a bad one. It almost killed me until I started working for myself and was finally able to establish a workout routine.

I'm so excited about this job and I know I will do what it takes to fit it all in. I'm just a little nervous about eating right and exercising while commuting again. Oh and did I mention I'll be up at 5am? I will use my mad planning and organization skillz to make sure I have all my food and workout gear. I'm really hoping they have a kick-ass gym I can use. It's a pretty fancy building and I'll have my badge so fingers crossed. It would be so much easier to workout before sitting in traffic for an hour. The ONLY good thing about the burbs is I can finally use my Costco membership!

So here's to accountability and constant change. I guess that makes my blog slightly more interesting!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


"No-one ever told me what happens after you turn 40"
I seem to say this a lot in my blog. Why? Because it truly blows. And I'm not even a vain person! Can't see as well, can't lose weight as easily, already waking up soaking wet from night sweats, and boy howdy are body parts headed south.

I have always promised myself no negative self-talk on my yoga mat but when you are surrounded by mirrors on 3 sides and part of the practice is to focus on your eyes in the mirror, it just sometimes happens.

I've done so much damage to myself. 30 years of gaining and losing weight. How much of it can ever be fixed? Will my boobs ever point forward again? How can the skin on the inside of my thigh suddenly be sagging? Will I ever have a belly that doesn't hang below my shirt?

My muscles are taking great shape underneath this sagging outer layer that literally weighs me down. The more fat I lose, the more it sags.

I hugged my yoga instructor before class and I touched her stomach. I've never felt anything like it in my life. It was like touching a rock. I suddenly realize it's something I will never know. It's kind of sad.

This bit of frustration will in no way deter me from my goals. It just means I need to work harder (and maybe start saving some money for plastic surgery)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back in the groove - me and about a billion other people

Happy new year everyone!

My regular readers probably know that I'm usually a very positive person. Especially with the prospect of a fresh year ahead but honestly, I totally dread this time of year. The new years resolutioners clogging up the gym cause my anxiety levels to skyrocket. This year seems better so far since I have a smaller gym with less members and a trainer. Yoga on the other hand is going to be a nightmare tonight. The more people in the hot room the hotter it is which makes it hard to breathe and the smell is unbearable. I do have a plan though. Park far away. Arrive early to claim MY spot (all the regulars know my spot). Put a little Vicks or lavender oil under my nose. I WILL get through it KNOWING that half of the people breathing up my oxygen won't be back next week.

A survey of the damage from the holidays yielded only a 4 lb. gain but boy do I have some dark circles under my eyes from too much drinking and too much sugar. I only exercised about a quarter of what I usually do but I look at that as a victory! Last year I didn't do any. A week of clean eating and exercise will get rid of all of that.

Now for the goals for 2012:

1. Onederland by June when the Lulu Lemon store opens a store in the city. It's only 35 pounds and then I can buy my fancy pants. They only go up to a 12. I know I can do that.

2. Successfully do Floor Bow without being handed my left foot. (This is the only pose I can't do in Bikram!)

3. Take a spin class - totally terrifies me.

4. Walk the 3-day for the 3rd time in honor of my Aunt Carol who passed away after an 11 year battle with Breast Cancer. She died 2 days before Christmas but was in so much pain it was a blessing!


There's going to be a lot going on up in here this year so stay tuned!!!