Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday weigh in

Well this week certainly flew by! It was a busy one but a good one. The only bummer is the sun hasn't come out at all and we're looking at a soaking wet weekend. I'm going to make sure there are no snacks in the house and keep myself plenty busy!!

The numbers for the week
Jan 14 - Start of liquid diet - 250
Jan 29 - Surgery weight - 237 -13
Feb 8 - 231 -6
Feb 15 - 222 -9
Feb 22 - 220  -2
Mar 1 - 218  -2
Mar 8 - 216  -2
Mar 15 - 213 -3
Mar 22 - 209 -4
Mar 28 - 208 -1
Apr 5 - 206 -2
Apr 12 - 199 -7
Apr 26 - 196 -3
May 3 - 193 -3 
57 pounds total!  

I can't believe I'm almost to the 60 pound mark. Next week I will probably be lighter than my husband for the first time since we got married. I'm about half a pound away from that goal :)

A few non-scale victories to share as well:

Yesterday when I started my run my legs felt heavy and not wanting to move. 49 minutes and 17 seconds later I had a personal best 5k. (okay that's not world record setting but I have short legs and that's blazing fast for me!!) Also, there are lots of hills on my route (Atlanta is up-hill both ways) but there are 2 that I normally have to walk. Yesterday, I ran up one of those hills leaving me only one more to conquer. Once I conquer a hill I will not let myself go back. I raised the bar now I'm always running that hill.

Last night I went to a concert, walked a mile to the venue and then stood for 4 hours. My legs weren't sore at all. 57 pounds ago I would have been hurting all day the next day.

People are really starting to notice and I'm practicing being gracious and saying thank you and moving on. Yesterday, a young kid that works at our local bar yelled "Tina you look AWESOME" across the intersection - there were tons of people out in our 'hood and they all looked at me but it felt great.

Happy weekend everyone! See you on Monday!



  1. You GO with conquering those hills!!! Awesome job, Tina. :)

    If you get stir crazy with the weather, go clothes shopping - I did that a lot, and most of the time didn't buy anything, but it was fun to try on smaller sizes AND it also helped keep me focused on the weight loss (plus I was conveniently away from the kitchen...).

  2. Congratulations being so close to 60 pounds down!

  3. Yey to the three pounds gone this week! That sounds blazin fast to this short legged gal too.

    Sorry to hear of your weather. Several sunny days in a row are rare for the Seattle area, so sorry to be hogging it this weekend.

  4. Congratulations on your loss!

  5. It feels SO good to feel fit! To feel like your body matches better to what you feel like on the inside! When I want to walk a long way and my body doesn't revolt, I know I've done something great!

  6. Great job, Tina!! So glad to see your progress!!

  7. 57lbs total - that's incredible, keep pushing it :)