Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Mix Tape - Holiday edition

Happy Memorial Day everyone! We've had LA quality weather here in Atlanta which made for a fun and active weekend.

Weekend Wrap up

Saturday was a gardening and cleaning day so I "rested" from exercise to take care of all of that. I probably burned more calories from that than any purposeful exercise!

Sunday morning I got up super early to get to Whole Foods and Trader Joes before the masses and that ended up being a great decision for two reasons - 1: the stores were empty and 2: I saw STEVIE WONDER in Whole Foods. No joke. I tried to be all casual shopping but it was difficult not to gawk :)

When I got home I set out to run a 5k - outside without stopping to walk. I've only ever done this one time before and I was hoping it wasn't a fluke. Sure enough it wasn't! I ran the whole thing - horrible hills and all. One of my favorite things on my route now is passing all the places I used to have to stop and walk. I get a huge smile on my face and it makes me go even faster. I have come so far!

The craziest thing about my running right now is that I want to do it every day but my body just won't let me. My legs need a day in between for recovery now that I'm running these huge hills. The non running days are when I get in my yoga and weight training but I still have the urge to run.

If that wasn't enough, I still had a huge meal to cook - all the neighbors were coming over for a bbq! I cooked for the rest of the day and really kept myself aware of my tendency to graze and taste everything while cooking. I got through an entire afternoon of cooking with only having one hard boiled egg white which I even logged in My Fitness Pal. Then I decided exactly what I was going to eat for the rest of the evening and logged it all!

The best thing about my life post surgery is that I can cook like this:

and eat like this:
This was about 200 calories over my usual dinner but still a success. A typical calorie count of holiday cookouts in the past were probably close to 3000. I got to try everything I made and was totally satisfied. The only thing I really couldn't have was hamburger bun - they smelled really great too but I knew if I ate it, I wouldn't have room for everything else so, everything else won.
The week ahead
Wednesday will be 4 months since surgery and time for measurements and pictures again. The time is going by so fast! I'm struggling with a bit of a stall at the moment - I keep going up and down a pound. I've tried more calories, less calories, more exercise, less exercise. I'm REALLY hoping I break through this before I update again on Friday. The good news is it's only driving me a little crazy. Not out of my mind crazy like it was in the beginning :)

See y'all Friday! Have a happy, healthy week!


  1. I had something like an 8 week time period where my weight loss stalled...I'm sure that ridiculousness won't happen to you, but a week or so might, especially after nearly 4 months. Important thing is to not stress over a number/time frame - it WILL come off. And, you are doing great - so fantastic that you enjoyed yourself at the party without reverting back to the old days. Gotta love that! :)

  2. Love that you even had a little Patron!! ;)

    Great job on the run and the good eating!! Don't worry about the'll come off!

  3. That is so cool that you saw Stevie Wonder!

    Congratulations on your running!

  4. Wow, looks like a great spread. I think its great that you are running past the places you used to have to stop. You've come a long way for sure. Great work Tina.