Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I promised myself I wouldn't freak out

and I'm freaking out. About my class reunion coming up in 3 weeks!

I've never in my life considered driving instead of flying because I'm uncomfortable in the seats of a plane but I'm at that point. How can I possibly feel good about myself at the reunion when that is something to even have to consider? I remember when I lost 100 pounds how great it felt to feel tiny on the plane and not have to worry about it. I can't believe I let this happen again...and I'm bigger than ever.

I normally have a ton of confidence and a great self esteem because I consider myself an awesome person but this weight is eating away at it. More than I thought. What the hell am I even going to wear??

I was also scanning the pictures of the 10 year reunion which I did not attend and hoping that I won't be the fattest person there. Once again, normally something I don't care about.

I have to get back into attitude adjustment mode again and just exercise as much as I can until that point. Even if I don't lose a pound at least I will feel good.

UGH! (or BLERG as Tina Fey would say!)

Oh and Happy New Year to my Jewish friends.


  1. Oh honey, I know how you feel. As for the plane, go look it up at www.seatguru.com for the seat dimensions. Also, you'll be sitting with your husband, right? So you can keep the arm up between you?

    Hang in there, you did it before and you will do it again.

  2. Sometimes I think class reunions were invented by skinny people. Skinny, evil people :)

    I understand the stress you're having but don't beat yourself up too badly. Obviously you can't loose all the weight you'd like in three weeks but you can use this as inspiration to make sure when your next reunion comes along, you have no regrets.