Thursday, November 20, 2008

You know you have a problem when...

...the smell of the peanut butter dog biscuits make you want to take a bite. Don't worry, I didn't but my husband and I were laughing hysterically because we both thought they smelled good enough to eat.

In all seriousness I'm doing really well this week and I owe it all to exercise and cutting back slightly on what WW said I should be eating. I've been to the pool last night for my class which was really cold but felt really good. Finally my ankles are well enough to run in the water again pain free. The Wednesday night instructor is all about the core and she's so good at teaching you how to work every muscle with every exercise. One of my friends at the class has lost 30 pounds and she looks awesome.

I packed my gym bag today for something. Not sure what yet. I thought I might walk at lunch or rock out on the elliptical with my I-pod to avoid traffic after work or walk the dogs tonight. Or maybe even 2 of the 3 options.

I will probably be not blogging the rest of the week due to a trip to Chattanooga tomorrow for work and then avoiding the computer on the weekends. I have lots of exercise planned but it's going to be hard to avoid going to Sonic or something while I'm on the road. All I can say is my 5 point Chick-Fil-A lunch has saved my butt a million times. I hope everyone out there has a fantastic weekend and thanks for all your support and inspiration. It's really working!

Now it's time to eat some oatmeal!


  1. Yum! Peanut butter anything sounds good to me. ;)

    I'll be pulling for you on your trip. Try your best and think about how happy you'll be to write the "I rocked my trip" entry when you get back!

  2. I used to eat dog biscuits when I was a kid to freak my sister out. I think the dog was probably more freaked out!

    I ate oatmeal for the first time today...and I didn't die, so I'll probably do it again.

    Enjoy your trip!

  3. I love peanut butter ANYTHING!! So glad you're feeling better and having a healthy week.

  4. Tina...congrats on a great week! You sound like you are really locked in! You mentioned a 5 point chic-fil-a meal? Please fill me in so that when I am at the mall I can grab that!

    Hope you have a safe trip to Chattanooga.

    Thank you for all your kind words as well!

  5. Your blog is inspiring. i have lost 193 pounds this year, and I am doing whatever I can not to gain it back after i am done. Great job!