Thursday, December 4, 2008

I heart blogland

Y'all are so sweet for all the nice comments on yesterdays post. I'm at a strange time in my life where I only have a handful of friends and only really talk about weight issues with my husband. It's nice to get some fresh advice and encouragement. So thank you for caring about me even though you don't know me!

Hubby went to the doc yesterday and while she is pleased that he's not smoking anymore, she wasn't pleased about the 20lbs he's gained. She says if he loses the weight she'll start taking him off his blood pressure meds. Now that is something to work for! He said we would both sit down and figure out the meal plan for the week, stick to it and get our exercise.

This weekend we are celebrating my birthday which is Monday. My best friend is coming to town from Savannah and we'll be going out Saturday night for dinner. Luckily I eat seafood and salad at this restaurant so aside from my birthday dessert (shared of course!) it shouldn't throw me off too bad. Oh and the wine : ) I'm taking Friday off just as a day for myself but it's looking like I'm going to end up doing some work. At least it will be at home, in my jammies, with my dogs.

Aside from the rain and cold I'm feeling a bit more motivated today. I'm buried in work work and paperwork for a house refinance and selling my old car. I will take the dogs on a long walk tomorrow on my day off and clear the rest of the cobwebs out. Until then, I must finish up this crazy crazy day.


  1. I'll bet after your long walk with the dogs tomorrow clarity will appear. Just the sheer excitement from my dogs going on a walk lifts my spirits. Hang in there!

  2. My hubby's b-day is Saturday, so we'll be having tons of cake too. It's great that your hubby helps you with the meal planning. Mine has a short attention span for stuff like that, so its all up to me :(

    Happy early birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday in advance! I think its awesome that your hubby wants to work on a food plan and work out with you that support is so important. Tina you are doing awesome and you will achieve anything your heart desires!

    Keep your head up and btw wine is only 2 points :-)

  4. have a fun weekend and happy early birthday!!

    enjoy the birthday dessert---life is too short not to.

  5. Thanks for your blog. I need the encouragement and found it here.

    Come and read my real life story and how it worked for me.