Monday, December 8, 2008

The last year of my 30's

Okay kids. Now it's time to get serious. I officially have 1 year left until I'm 40 and I have to have to have to have to get this weight off of me.

As much as I enjoyed having a birthday and eating delicious food I was absolutely MISERABLE in the restaurant. I had to stuff myself into some appropriate jeans which are too long to wear without a heel, therefore I had to wear a heel for the first time since spraining my ankles. It was all I could do to stand up much less breathe. Because I'm so short, I sometimes can't touch the floor with my feet in a restaurant chair so I was constantly sliding off the wood chairs. I couldn't wait to go home and put on some comfortable clothes again. How sad is it that tight clothes ruined my birthday dinner.

On a fun note, after lots of work and 8 turkey dogs for the models, the Christmas picture was a success.

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday greetings. I'm excited about the year ahead. I know I can make myself feel better and that is empowering!


  1. *~Happy belated Birthday~* Yes, I need to make 2009 a much better year. A year to get healthy in every way. *I adore your Xmas picture*. My husband & I are going to the beach next weekend to take our 'family' picture and I'll remember to take turkey dogs and also a treat our pups. :)

  2. ok serious woman.

    lemmie know if I can help.

    Im int he final 6 months of mine :)

  3. Happy Birthday! Here's to a healthy and happy year ahead!

  4. Great job on that photo! I'm going to try for a better 2009, too! And, a happy belated birthday! I hit forty last April...sigh.

  5. Happy birthday! I'm a couple of months older than you and 39 hit me hard... I know I won't be at goal by 40, but I plan to be a lot slimmer and fitter!

  6. Oh, and I love the picture! Very inventive!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday:

    I just wanted to encourage you along your journey. I'll be 43 next week and am trying to get back to where I was when I turned 40.

    Actually I'm trying to get past where I was at 40, when I was so self-satisfied about losing the weight, I forgot I still had the rest of my life to keep it off.

    Now I'm back on the road to losing part of myself and finding other parts.

    All the best to you for good health and well-being in the New Year!

  8. Love love love the Christmas photo! That must have taken a lot of hard work to get them to stay still!

    Happy Belated Birthday! I can't wait to hear how you finish out this decade - I know it will be inspiring!