Monday, August 17, 2009

Setting new goals

waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting

It's going to be a long week folks. Hoping to hear something early in the week so I can either move on or take another giant leap in the interview process.

I could not sit still this weekend. I took out my frustrations on this:

We are scraping one side of our house and planning on painting the entire thing ourselves due to budget issues. I'm calling it the "summer of love" to make it sound fun. I have noticed that my triceps, biceps, shoulders and back have gotten a lot more defined since starting this project. I would say we have another few weekends of scraping. If my financial situation happens to change in the next few weeks as I'm hoping, you can bet an entire crew will be called in to do the painting and we can do something else instead of risking our lives on ladders :)

Because everything is so up in the air right now, I've found myself with no goals. My goal to lose 100 pounds by my 40th birthday is unattainable unless I went on the Biggest Loser so it's time to reevaluate. Anything long term is TBD right now since it could all change with a phone call so I'm going to focus on the short term and work out every day whether it's at home or at the gym. I have meals planned for the week and lots of prep work done so I just need to remain calm and focus on my small goal. That is seriously all my packed-full brain can handle at the moment. I might even take a class so that someone can tell me what to do and I don't have to think!

Thanks for all the well wishes. I will keep y'all posted. Have a great week!!


  1. That is quite the undertaking but you'd earn some major activity points that's for sure!

    We should definitely meet up for a walk! Trust me, I almost died several times on the trail so there's absolutely no choice of you being left in the dust. If the suns not blistering hot, sign me up!

    I hope you hear some great news this week!

  2. I'm rooting for you, both so that you can get the job that you deserve and so that you can get down off that ladder and not kill yourself.

    To quote Homer Simpson: "The waiting game sucks... let's play Hungry Hungry Hippo!"

  3. Man, I remember the time my dad put all us kids out there for a summer scraping the whole house. It was AWFUL. All hot and humid and paint chips flying down all around you...I don't envy you this task, lady.

    Hopefully something fruitful is in the works so your painting days are numbered. GOod luck!

  4. Geez!! What a project. Tough way to get the muscles defined, altho' the end result will be a lovely new finish on the house. Gues it will be worth it.

    Still sending positive vibes. I'm usually pretty good at this, so hope it works for you. :)

  5. Your house project is HUGE - and I could never do something like that!

    Love that you are setting some small goals for yourself...oftentimes a lot of small goals add up to something great!

    Still crossing my fingers for you and that job!!!

  6. How cool that you see muscle definition though!!

    My blog title was exactly the same today :-)

    Good luck with the job hunt, they suck!!

  7. Sending positive thoughts your way! Way to go taking your frustrations out on the siding instead of a plate of nachos. :)

  8. Sounds like you're staying grounded at the same time as being up in the air - that's quite a balancing act. That's a great attitude. So hoping for the phone call you want.

    I've got my own painting project going too except on the inside of the house. It is, however, the dreaded TRIM. Blue painters tape everywhere!

  9. That's definitely a rather intense project.

    Maybe consider some sort of medium term goal? Like a "15 pounds by Halloween" or something? Something that would be good to work on whether you get the job or not.

    Here's to hoping you get good news sooner rather than later!

  10. I'm really happy to see that you're trying to be realistic with your goals. Good luck with your scraping... I hope you get the call soon that allows you to hire those painters!

  11. I do not envy you with the paint scraping, lol! :)

  12. We just launched an indoor painting project too. One that we've managed to put off for years. Yee-haw!

    Adjusting your goal sounds like a wise move.

  13. I just wanted to let you know that I put your name up for an award on my site! Keep up the great work!

  14. Good morning Tena! I gave you a Lovely Blog award on my post this morning. You deserve it girlfriend! :)

  15. Loosing 100 pounds seems much easier to me than painting a whole house!

    Hoping we hear about that magic phone call.