Thursday, August 20, 2009

you guys rule

Thank you SO much for all of the responses! I seriously had no idea so many people read what I write. I see some new names in the comments and I will be by to visit your blogs when I have a minute!

Great ideas and I think I took a bit from every one of them! She is coming over tomorrow night for drinks and here is what I'm going to say:

"Listen, I've been thinking a lot about your upcoming birthday and I feel like if you want to have a party, your husband should put something together at your house because he (hopefully) knows all of your friends and family that you would want to be there. I'd be happy to bring the cake and make a jug of margaritas. I don't think I can do it at my house because it's a Friday night and I don't even know where I will be working then. If not then lets get some girls together and go out to the bar/pedicure place or dinner somewhere fun."

I think that is being honest but not at all mean while keeping in mind that it is my friends special day and I do want to do SOME nice things. Just not all of it! I did manage to come up with this little idea for her card and possibly the cake...

My friend is a Hello Kitty fanatic and a nurse so I added the little hat. I've been working on some "crows feet" but it's not turning out so it may have to stay like this! I think she'll get it :)

I wish I had more to report. I bought second interview shoes so lets hope I have to wear them!


  1. First, that card design, with the reading glasses, is too cute!

    And I think you came up with an excellent plan - very sweet, caring and still standing your ground.

    I really really hope you get to wear your second interview shoes soon!

  2. Excellent, excellent plan...and the card is too cute for words! :)

  3. That is an adorable card, but I believe fourty is spelled "forty." Good luck with the party plan - sounds like a good one.

  4. I think your plan is a good one! Cute card, by the way!

  5. Excellent plan and the card is adorable!

  6. I love that hello kitty, adorable!!!

  7. First of all, great card!! Very creative.

    Second, I think the new shoes will be worn very soon.

    Third, great idea on the party planning. I think you've got this thing under control.

  8. That sounds like a really good plan and you'll have to let us know her response (if I'm not being too nosy).

    Loved the Hello Kitty.

    Here's to a great weekend and your wearing those shoes real soon.

  9. Love the card! Very cute! I agree with Amy H. that 40 is spelled forty.
    The plan sounds like an excellent one. Very sweet of you.
    And I hope you get to wear those second interview shoes soon. I think you will!!!

  10. I think the card design is absolutely adorable! And even more important, I think what you have planned to say is absolutely perfect and gets the point across while maintaining your ground.

  11. You will get to wear them! I can just feel it! :)

  12. LOVE THE DESIGN. Girl, you got skillz!!!!

  13. I am also a Hello Kitty fanatic and I would lose my MIND from excitement if I got that on a card/cake! So great!

    Hope the plans go swimmingly :-)