Tuesday, September 14, 2010

first day jitters

It was hard to get up this morning for the second day in a row. Yesterday I got up and went back to bed. I needed a morning off but I went for a swim and a 3 mile walk later in the day because I really missed that morning workout.

Today was a struggle again but only because I didn't sleep very well. The dogs were having some sort of power play between their beds and ours which is unusual. I was also nervous about starting week 5 of couch to 5k and even more nervous because tonight I start Bikram yoga again. I promised my sister when I lost 20 pounds I'd go with her and I'm going to keep my promise.

For anyone that doesn't know, Bikram is usually a 90 minute yoga class done in 105 degree room. This is the third thing in the trilogy of activities that helped me to lose 100 pounds before. Running. Body Pump. Bikram Yoga.

Did I mention that after this class tonight I will have spent 2 and a half hours exercising today??

I shouldn't have been nervous about week 5 of C25k. Today was "only" three 5-minute runs so I did week one for the 2nd half hour. I was dripping wet but I felt really strong. Two 8-minute runs tomorrow then the next day will be my first 20 minute run. If I can make it through this I'll have run longer than I ever have.

Lots of firsts this week.

Eating wise still doing really well. I had a little too much dark chocolate and 6 of those damn 2 bite brownies but when I think about what a weekend consisted of before it's huge progress. I've really enjoyed cooking again and it seems both my husband I like my food better than a restaurant so it makes it easy to be really good and not feel deprived of anything. Part of it is falling into a good routine where we BOTH do a ton of prep work on a Sunday to get ready for the week. If you have a significant other, I recommend putting them to work chopping things up even if you are a control freak :) It's ALL about the planning.

So between working 2 jobs, working out, yoga, chiropractor and cooking and shopping for every meal, I have very little time left but I'm okay because I have the energy to deal with all of it from treating myself right. Huge progress people!!


  1. Glad you made it through the first day of week 5...sounds like you're doing great!! I would love to have Dwayne help me prep...but he won't go near a veggie...not even to chop it up. Scared he might catch something....good health, perhaps? lol

  2. Tina, sounds like you are doing really terrific! I'm so pleased for you!

  3. That 20-min run on C25K is the defining moment of the program. Get there and it's smooth sailing. It's a HUGE mental barrier, but once you've cleared it, you look back and say: that wasn't so bad... what's next?

  4. You are exercising a lot each day - it's hard to fit everything in, I'm sure! I hear ya on the running nerves - just seeing "30" and "35" and (eek) "45" on my running schedule (those are minutes, btw) sends me into a panic. But I can do this, and you can, and ARE doing it...it really is just one foot in front of the other. That's what I keep telling myself, anyway!

    I've never done any kind of yoga, but Bikram intrigues me. How do you have the energy to drive home afterward? I would imagine it pretty much takes everything out of you. Good luck tonight!

  5. YAY!!!
    it really is, in all things for me, the hardest part.

    The starting off...


  6. Things seem to being falling into place for you. I am so happy for you. You are really on the right path. 105º heat...heck, just walk outside some days. :)