Friday, September 10, 2010

non-scale progress

I've come to the conclusion that there's going to be 1-2 weeks per month that the scale does not cooperate so I'm just going to accept that because I'm a woman, it is what it is. Up 2 pounds for the week. It's all water retention. I still rock so I'm focusing on all the non-scale victories for the week :)

1. All week I have been doing week 4 of couch to 5k. I repeated this week due to my sickness the week before. I found it too easy so I did week one for the second half hour. Every day. Week 5 starts Monday.

2. I made myself take a day off from the gym today after 7 days in a row again. I'm missing it terribly!

3. I have elbows and I think I see my knees.

4. The armrest in my car is now where I rest my arm instead of it being the barrier between my side fat and the passenger seat.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Tammy, Crys and I are all meeting for a workout then a trip to the farmers market. Can't wait to catch up with my girls!


  1. Yeah, that 2 lbs is most definitely water. My cramps hit me on my way in to work this morning. You know, I go thru this shit every 2 weeks, lol. Cycle starts..lasts 2 weeks...goes away for 2 weeks...then it's right back again. So. Not. Fair. lol I just popped over to Crys' blog and told her I can't walk at Stone Mtn because my ankle is still too weak from where I sprained it 2 wks ago. I'm going to email both of you...I'd still like to meet up with you at the Farmer's Market afterwards if we can figure out what time you'll be done with your walk and can get there...miss you so much girl. Can't wait to see you. :)

  2. It sounds like water retention...One of the many fun things about being a woman, I guess. Have you tried taking a water pill to flush it out? When it's my time of the month, I'll go pick up some Diurex. It helps me feel less bloated and flushes me out :)

  3. Some things we just can't control, but I like how you are focusing on your non-scale progress. Knees! Love it - and I remember that feeling, lol.

    Have fun at the Farmer's Market - my husband will be in Atlanta starting on Sunday and I so wish I was going with him so I could meet up with you! One of these days... :)

  4. Way to focus on the positive!!! Keep at it! You are doing a FANTASTIC job! :)

  5. Knee alert! Knee alert!

    Keep up the fantastic work, Tina!

  6. Have something for you over at my blog :)

    Journey to a New Me

  7. So thrilled to see you in such a good place - you're totally motivating me to move it more!