Friday, December 31, 2010

yet another New Years Eve post

I've never been a big fan of New Years Eve. I never thought about why until I started blogging and I realized that it's because I never felt good about what I accomplished throughout the year. Personally and professionally. This year is a little different. I have done a lot this year and I'm sitting here with this weird sense of what might be pride.

I made a decision last year at this time that 2010 would be about survival. When I lost my job I gave myself a few days to be wreck but then I got right back to work figuring out how I was going to pay the mortgage. I've tried to apply that "if it sucks do something about it" attitude toward everything I've done for the whole year and it worked.

I seriously just took a break to wander in the kitchen and take a bite of a "crunchie" my husband brought me back from Scotland...I digress...

I didn't lose as much weight as I wanted to which I mentioned the other day but the pounds I did lose made a big difference. I tried things I was afraid of 30 pounds ago like yoga, riding a scooter and flying down the hill on a sled on our very rare white Christmas in the south. I'm proud of that. Again with the pride thing.

2010 was about survival, 2011 is all about progress. Personally, physically and professionally. I resolve to grow my business and shrink myself. I will push myself out of my comfort zone and attend networking events. I will feed my body what it needs to exercise more than ever before.
I have no excuse. I have my own business and I have no kids.

I feel like crap today. I've gained about 6 pounds over the last few weeks from eating sugar and carbs like an addict. To continue my "if it sucks do something about it" mission into the new year, I have a yoga class at 4:30 and I literally can't wait. It's only 1:00 and I have my stuff packed. I don't think I have ever worked out on New Years Eve.

Finally I'd like to give a shout out to my dear friend Cat who has faithfully kept a blog for an entire year posting a picture every day. I'm so incredibly proud of you for sticking to it!

Thanks to everyone for being such a huge support to me during this crazy year. Great things are ahead so stay tuned. Happy New Year my friends!

Christmas day at my moms house in Franklin, NC


  1. Tomorrow is a new day, in a new year. You'll be fine. Hang in there! Great things are to come in 2011! Let's inspire each other to reach our goals and to get healthy so we can enjoy next year's holidays a bit more than we did this year. Okay?


  2. Claim your pride, Tina! It's a great thing. You earned it. You deserve it. Enjoy it! I'm so happy for you, my friend.

    Let's get our workout schedule together soon! :)

  3. I am really proud of all that you accomplished in 2010 - it was a hard year for you and you really came through it with shining colors! Looking forward to seeing all that you do in the coming year. :)

    P.S. My Dad LOVED his shirt - laughed and laughed, and wanted to wear it that day to Christmas dinner at some friends house (my mom wouldn't let him). Anyway, it was a big hit - thank you so much for your design work!

  4. I'm new to the blogging world, but feel strongly that I can use one to my advantage while I do exactly what you're doing: make better food choices, move more, be happy and-- in general-- live more mindfully. As I said, I'm just learning how to "follow," etc., but I stumbled onto your blog for a reason, I think...I hope we can encourage each other. Let the games begin!

  5. Tina, Happy New Year (or New Year's Eve anyway)! You've earned that pride! I hope you enjoyed Yoga today.

  6. Thank you, Tina for the shout out and congratulations to you on all your accomplishments!!

    At the risk of sounding's to a healthy and prosperous new year.

  7. Yay to you. Congrats on your positive attitude ... its the perfect start. Best of luck to you in 2011.

  8. I sat down today and realized that I will be 30 years old in 280 days. I also realized that I weighed 258LBS. My goal is to lose 58LBS by the day I turn 30..
    check it out and let me know what you think

  9. How am I so friggin' late to this post??????????????? I'm EXTREMELY proud of how you responded to being laid off by starting your own business and PROPERING at it the FIRST year. YOU ROCK. You lost weight....and you did lots of exercise w/ the C25K thingie, as well as yoga. And I know this year will be even BETTER!! Kinda' makes you look forward to next New Year's Eve, huh? Maybe we'll BOTH have a fabulous year and celebrate together!! :)

  10. congrats, looking forward to seeing you continue to succeed!

  11. I too made up my mind that I would not allow my New Year's Eve to be full of regret. It was one of the best I've had in a while!

    You have made great strides in many areas Tina, I'm glad you are able to see that.

    Here's to a good, better, BEST 2011 for us all.

  12. I am so glad to have found your blog. I've just started a blog to chronicle my own weight loss and it's so reassuring to see someone else ahead of me, leading by example and honestly struggling with the same sort of issues. Thanks for sharing your story with the world. I really look forward to reading the rest of your posts!