Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday weigh in

2 more pounds for a total of 7 in June. That's seven less pounds I have to carry on the 10k. Now THAT makes me happy! I worked out hard 4 days in a row and believe it or not, ate a little more. After doing some tracking I realized I really wasn't eating enough for all the working out I do.

Speaking of the 10k it's going to be 105 this weekend and I'm running the course tomorrow - one more time before Wednesday. I'm going before dawn and there are water stops so I should be okay! The local weather guy said its supposed to cool off enough by the 4th to make the Peachtree "somewhat bearable". I won't have the luxury of an early start that day!

Have an awesome weekend everyone and thanks as always for the support!

*edited to add this awesome post from my trainers blog.
She always makes so much sense and it's helping me out so much right now!


  1. Awesomeness, Tina. You are in the groove, without a doubt. If you don't mind, why don't you send me your cell # and I'll at least call while I'm in Atlanta. I have no idea how the week will play out, but would love to at least come to where you are and have a coffee or something!

  2. BTW - mine is 610-745-0077. We get there next Friday late, and I know the weekend will be nuts, but after Monday I can probably work something out. I'm going to try and call Tammy too.

  3. Congratulations Tina, looks like your hard work is rewarding you scale-wise, which is so nice!

    Be careful with your 10K tomorrow. You have a good plan in place. Make sure to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate today and before you take off tomorrow.

  4. Woohoo, congratulations on the extra pounds gone!!! That is a nice number for June!!!

    The things I try to remember when I'm out slogging through a hot run is that it's ok to go a little slower, I have to drink at every mile, and it's not going to last forever. Oh and also, the rest of the day, keep up with that hydrating, and be sure to get some electrolytes in the form of coconut water or whatever works best for you.

    I'll be out there in body AND spirit with you tomorrow! We can do this!

  5. GREAT JOB!! I'm so happy for you!! Seven less pounds!!

    Good luck this weekend--take it easy!

  6. It's amazing how that works isn't it? I'll be cheering you on from the cool comforts of home!

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