Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Anger management

I have been a big fat ball of rage since yesterday afternoon. I think I may have even had a mini breakdown. Work is driving me crazy and I worked way too late. Then someone hit my brand new car in the Trader Joes parking lot without leaving a note (if any of you tennis skirt wearing Sandy Springs biatches are reading this I know it was one of you) I just cried the whole way home. Then one of the dogs jumped up and scratched me all the way across the face as a welcome home.

My husband thinks I'm being way to hard on myself but how am I supposed to work a 50 hour week, drive an hour each way, make 3 meals a day and keep a clean house? This is why the exercise suffers. How you people with kids do this I will never know!!

I need to find some balance. I feel like I've been over and over it in my head a million times. Get up earlier, do chores during the week, work out in the morning, work out at lunch, work out at night. I'm just constantly trying to figure it out. In the mean time I just get busier and busier. I thought about cutting out TV watching but am I really prepared to take away the one thing I get to do in a day I enjoy? That's my precious 2 hours per day with my husband and we eat during that time as well.

What's a modern girl to do?

If I had time I'd do some anger management yoga.


  1. Someone hit your car and didn't leave a note??!!! Unbelievable. I would be filled with rage too!! (hugs)

  2. I'm sorry your brand new car got hit - that sucks on so many levels!

    It sounds like you do not have many "awake" hours at home during the week. What about preparing some dinners and making up some easy, grab and go lunches on Sunday so you don't have to stress so much over food (and still eat healthy). Yeah, it will cut into your weekend a bit, but it might be worth it.

    And with the commute (yikes!) what about listening to either some motivational or stress-releasing CD's while you're in the car?

    I don't usually offer suggestions in my comments, but I like you and hate to hear that you're so stressed. Hope today goes better for you!

  3. Sorry to hear about your car. I thought people didn't leave notes just here in New England. Guess it's everywhere.

    The rest of your stress is completely understandable. Sounds like the car and dogs triggered it all - no wonder. I've been exactly where you are when the bad stuff keeps coming at you. It feels relentless. When I'm overwhelmed (which is often), I sometimes just have to give in to it and stop fighting it so hard. After I've calmed down a few days later, things don't seem nearly as impossible as they did when it was all still dropping on my head. And venting -like you did here - is always therpeutic. I hope things improve soon.

  4. Sorry 'bout all that crazy stuff! Karma will get back to the person that hit your car, so don't worry about that. Your schedule sounds hectic, when I was working f/t I would walk during my lunch hour. It was a nice was to decompress, get my exercise in and get some fresh air. Not sure it works into what you got going on, but just a suggestion.

  5. I have no advice, just an "I hear you". Hang in there!

  6. You deserve a maid! Hang in there!

  7. Oh - I had someone hit my car too. It is $850 to fix, so for now the dent stays. At least it wasn't a brand new car. I'd be irritated too!

    Be kind to yourself. No one expects you to be superwoman. Some things are going to slide. Just make sure you prioritize the important stuff. Dust bunnies can wait. Your health can't.