Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good Stuff

Man all I needed was some laughing gas for a little attitude adjustment! I went to the dentist this morning after not going for about 3 years. I hate the dentist. I had a perverted orthodontist and didn't realize it until I was much older, then I had a horrible experience with my wisdom tooth surgery. This one was a breeze. I had to have a serious cleaning (hence the laughing gas) but no cavities or any other bad stuff. I'm not ever leaving it that long again.

Thanks to everyone for sweet comments and suggestions about my stress. I'm trying to be aware of it and do things differently when I feel overwhelmed. Only I have control over my attitude. It's up to me whether it's good or bad!


  1. Funny you should blog about the dentist, I blog about my husband's trip yesterday. quite a different experience for him. So glad your went well.

  2. Whew - glad it went well. I was there for a cleaning last week and my knuckles are still white!