Friday, February 20, 2009

I don't know what came over me

but when I got home last night I WANTED to do my Biggest Loser Yoga DVD. I was full of energy from eating well all week. Hmmm. Go figure! :)

I'm loving WW so far. The weekly points allowance takes away some of the guilt of eating a treat and it's really making me aware of choices portion sizes. Last night we got takeout from the rotisserie chicken place and I calculated everything before I ordered. I had a 1/4 chicken (white meat no skin) instead of the half I usually have. I had an awesome sweet potato WITH butter and a huge pile of lima beans that were so good I went searching for the stragglers underneath my sweet potato. I even made room in my day for one serving of chocolate covered pretzels (thankfully those are out of the house now!) I feel satisfied and in no way deprived.

Tonight my best friend is spending the night. She lives in Savannah but comes to Atlanta for work often. She usually stays at least one night and takes us out for dinner. Tonight I decided I'm not quite ready to go out for a big dinner so we're going to order pizza. Normally, I wouldn't care about what I put in my mouth when it's the weekend and we have a visitor. Instead we are going to order from a place that has really thin crust and I'm making a giant salad to go along with it. I'm budgeting for 2 slices and salad. Oh and a couple glasses of wine. This just feels do-able to me.

I've also realized I've been taking better care of my appearance all of a sudden. People have been commenting on my hair because I've taken the extra 5 minutes to blow it dry instead of throwing it up in a wet ponytail.

Yes, I'm in the honeymoon phase with this plan and I'm sure it will get more challenging but you know, I've been in the honeymoon phase with my husband for over 4 years and that just keeps getting better ;)


  1. Aww, cute that you're still in the honeymoon phase with your hubby.

    My Biggest Loser DVDs are coming today. I just did the UPS tracking and they should be here thi afternoon. I wasn't expecting them until Monday. It's kismet. I *want* to try one today. Odd.

  2. Good job staying with the program. It's smart of you to recognize that there may be some pitfalls along the way but you'll work through them. And a 4 year honeymoon with the husband? You are blessed!

  3. It's great you've found something that is working and you like doing. I hope this honeymoon lasts a long time for you!

  4. I love that attitude! It always pays to take that extra 5 minutes and look after oneself!

    Hope you had a great time with your friend!

  5. Ain't love and honeymoons grand?! Good for you. Enjoy your friend and your pizza. By the way, today I ordered the BL Yoga DVD. I can't wait to get it.

  6. You're on a good program. Congratulations. Sounds like you'll make it because you're noticing your portion sizes. I did this program too for awhile and even though I don't anymore, some of it stayed with me. I lost the rest of my weight by paying attention to my self-limiting beliefs, not easy. Also, visualizing made all the difference. If anyone wants to see themselves thinner ...Now, it would help you on your weight loss journey to have a visualization photo. I'm happy to do that for you and would not charge you for it. Just submit your photo and I'll send it back in a day or two, happy to help fellow dieters for free up until March 1, 2009.