Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The quest for onederland

It's so nice to finally see my hard work paying off on the scale again. If only the weight loss was as consistent as my workouts we'd be fine! :)

As I work my way into the teens, I can't help but think about the next big goal - the almighty onederland. Last time I was there was shortly after my wedding. I look forward to getting there and staying for the rest of my days!

I haven't been setting weight loss goals because it's been so up and down even though I'm being as healthy as I can be. I've been great at accepting that it's just one of those things that comes along with being in my 40s and focusing on the wonderful changes in myself and my body. It got me thinking that it might just be fear of failing that keeps me from setting any real goals.

Is it time to push myself and set an attainable goal?

I have 24 pounds to lose to get to onderland and exactly 12 weeks until I go to the beach for a week. It would be "onederful" to revisit our honeymoon destination close to my honeymoon weight!

I'm interested in what you my dear blog friends have to say about this. I'm really scared to commit to that but then again I was scared to go to Bikram and look at me now - the master Yogini :) Discuss!


  1. First, Congratulations on how far you have come, Bravo!
    This is what I would do, rather than setting a specific weight loss goal for a certain date, I would set behavior goals. An increase in workouts per week or the length or intensity of the workout, (increasing the calories burned per week). And setting some new healthy eating habit goals, drinking a certain amount of water per day, eating more fresh fruits & vegetables, etc. I don't know, something specific that I wasn't already doing, that would decrease the number or type of calories that I'm eating each week.
    I would put the focus on what I needed to DO in order to get to onederland, rather than focusing on a date when I wanted to reach onederland.

  2. I don't think I would set myself up for disappointment. You will be adding stress which never helps. Just keep on doing what you have been doing. Keep calm and carry on! Also, does 201 look much different than 199? I don't think so.

  3. I say go for it, Tina. Sometimes being within sniffing distance of a big goal like that can spur you on to accomplish great things. I don't think you're setting yourself up for failure... I think you're reaching for the stars!

  4. Hey Tina - I love what Downsizer said about 201 vs 199. Maybe not huge big difference visually, but mentally and emotionally...HUGE! You are doing so great.

    Take it from one who has had a date by which I wanted to accomplish a certain weight thousands of times - more often than not I end up sabotaging myself. Mallwalker's advice was great - focus on what you need to do rather than when you need to do it by.

    I can't wait to see you and Tammy in Atlanta - it'll be awesome to meet you and see her again!

  5. Go balls to the wall my friend! You have done so you know you can do it. That's a huge milestone and it's within your grasp. That's incredible! So proud of you! See you at Yoga on Friday! :)

  6. I don't like setting timelines for weight loss. Like you said, 40 something bodies don't always want to cooperate with our 40 something minds schedules.

    Keep doing what you're doing and celebrate how far you've already come. Whether you are in onederland for your beach trip will make no difference in the larger scheme of things.

  7. I say go for it girl!!! Even if you don't hit the mark...getting damn close to it is worlds better than not trying at go for it...I'm betting on you to reach it by beach time!

    And I left a msg for Crys also...Blue Grotto next week for sure...just need to pick an evening and lock it in. :)

  8. I have to agree 100% with what mallwalker advised. Now is not the time to get into "OMG I HAVE TO LOSE THIS WEIGHT NOW" panic mode, it's time to stay calm and remeber what has gotten you this far.

    That's not to say that you can't set new goals, push yourself harder or try something new. I do think having a real goal is healthy and actually needed as part of the process but that goal simply should be X amount of weight by ___ date. For instance, if you've been really good about eating fish once a week, try to kick it up a notch to 2 or 3 times a week. If you've been exercising 3 times a week and feel like you can start doing more, then do it but I wouldn't necessarily throw yourself into "weight by date" mode. It's almost always a recipe for disaster (for me!).

    (and thank you for the compliment on my blog by the way, I feel awesome!)

  9. Hi there - I just started reading your blog and want to thank you (and Crys from Bigger Than My Body) for the inspiration I have felt in reading your journeys! It has given me renewed hope and feeling that this battle can not only be waged - but also can be won!
    I say if setting goals is the dangling carrot you need - by all means, set 'em high. Sometimes I think I set my sights too low....
    Whatever it takes to get you to "onederland" will be worth it. 12 weeks is enouhg time to get you there and then some if you really bust ass! Good luck!

  10. I just wanted to drop in and say hey. I recently found your blog - you're so motivating and I'll definitely be following your story. :) Good lock on your journey. You definitely have some people out in the universe rooting for you!


  11. I just came across your blog for the first time. Wow - you have been through a lot. Have you ever read Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon? It's an eye opener and may help you to be able to give up dieting and attain the healthy weight you want.

    All the best,


  12. Looking for inspiration in my weight loss journey.

    I started out at 269 and am at 233 now. Recently moved to England and have been walking almost 3 miles every day since...and eating sensibly as well.....but seem to have hit a wall in the weight loss.

    Very Frustrating. I've a LONG way to go- 140 is my ultimate goal weight... but for now- just seeing 199 and be in "ONE-derland" would make me EXTREMELY happy.

    Thanks for the help- seeing I'm not alone struggling.

  13. Congratulations..Don't stress yourself too much that would just add to your burden. Go for it!