Monday, April 4, 2011

Tales from the City

I had a wonderful time on my whirlwind trip to New York. It's a wonderful place but I'm happy to be home where it's quiet :)

As promised, I ate and drank my way across the city

started out Friday at this fabulous French restaurant for lunch

then we went shopping on 5th avenue where the only interesting thing I saw was this
(Barbie Fooseball table in FAO Schwartz - my friend has a kids to shop for - it's the only reason I was there but this made it worth it!)

Friday Nights dinner was another culinary adventurewe shared the pasta and didn't have dessert!

I think there was a bagel and a Latte Saturday morning before shopping which I didn't take a picture of and we really didn't eat lunch because we were saving room for this

Great dinner with old friends too. Went to a beer bar after and stayed out until 1 in the morning.
This is me with my boyfriend from when I was 16!

Sunday Brunch was at Balthazar and it was also divine. I couldn't bring myself to photograph my food in there. Too fancy :) After that we went here

Belive it or not we didn't eat anything but I bought this fancy insulated lunch bag

Okay so now I'm back, stepped on the scale and guess what?? I lost 4 pounds. I bet we walked 15 miles and it paid off! So awesome to have such a blast and have that to come back to!

I'm back to eating like a normal person. Had some brown rice sushi and some fruit for lunch and a turkey burger for dinner.

My trainer is gone this week on vacation so I will have to find ways to amuse myself. Tonight we took a good hour walk but tomorrow morning I'm going to hit the gym in the morning and go to yoga in the evening. It's a good week to start trying to do both yoga and cardio on the same day since I won't be going to her class which is my hardest workout of the week.

It feels great to have taken a break and it feels equally as good to get back to my routine. Have a great week everyone!!


  1. How wonderful, to have such a great time, eat such incredible food, and LOSE FOUR POUNDS!!! Nice, very nice. :)

    I love that Barbie Foosball table.

    And the pic of you and your old boyfriend is so sweet. You look great, Tina! :)

  2. That is the coolest way to lose weight i have every seen!

  3. O.

    Only someone as fabulous as you could spend a weekend dining in NYC and lose 4 lbs upon their return, lol....AWESOME!!!'s time for dinner at the Grotto...we've put it off too long!! TEXT ME THIS WEEK!! :)

  4. Gah! I HAVE to get to the city, I just HAVE to! Holy food batman, every single thing looks so yummy. I am so happy that you thoroughly enjoyed yourself and still got the bonus of weight loss! This post is my smile for today.

  5. Wowza! 4 pounds and a fantastic time to boot! Congrats, and glad you had such a good time. You are rockin' it. And what a doll you are - that picture is great!

  6. Your food made my tummy growl, thanks! Also, going to need the name of EVERY restaurant you visited! Going to NY next month and that plate of pasta made my heart dance. I indulged when I was there last year and lost like 3 lbs. I thought maybe my body responded favorably to Magnolia's cupcakes but maybe it is all the walking!