Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm actually happy to be back at work today in my dark and cool office. I must have changed clothes 10 times over 2 days because I haven't stopped sweating! There is still so much I want to get done outside and it's looking like most projects will have to be done in the very early morning hours or put off until the fall. I just keep reminding myself that the sweating helps the pounds come off. I did manage to drag myself around the neighborhood for a good walk with the dogs.

I did sort of okay this weekend despite the fact that nothing really went as planned. It was supposed to be a nice quiet one but ended up being as action packed as ever. At least we blew up the baby pool and sat with our feet in it for a while. We're so classy ;)

I had great intentions for the week until I realized I have a concert to go to tomorrow and I should have planned on going to the gym tonight instead of taking my usual break on Monday. I guess I'll do BL Yoga at home tonight and then get back in the gym on Wednesday. There never seem to be enough hours in the day but I'm trying so hard to make it all work.

Saturdays walk in the heat proved to me how much better shape I'm in and that gives me the motivation to keep going. I felt strong and athletic sweating bullets and was proud of my pace!

Here's to a good week ahead...


  1. Hurray for you!! You are really making progress. Healthier and fitter, that's a great combo. Keep up the good work, but take it easy in the heat. We had the heat & humidity here this weekend. Almost not enough water to keep me hydrated.

  2. Hoping the weather breaks for you soon. It is good news though that you can bear up under it so much better than in the past. That's where all your hard work has gotten you.

    Sending cool thoughts your way.

  3. Exercising, even indoors w/the AC, has been killing me lately...this heat is mean to us! Glad to hear that you are tolerating it better this summer - another NSV!!!

  4. That's why I never schedule an "off" day for working out. Life has a way of taking care of that...

  5. That's why I never schedule an "off" day for working out. Life has a way of taking care of that...

  6. A sure sign of becoming a studette is to wear a big ol' smile on your red, sweaty face. A low-sodium V-8 toast to you!

  7. The heat is just nuts this year. My brother was laughing at me last week for what he referred to as the "South Georgia stripe." You know that line of sweat down the middle of your back that shows on your shirt? Yeah, real classy!
    Glad to hear you're handling the heat well since you're in better shape!

  8. It's hot in Chicago this week, upper 80's, low 90's, but nice and cool at my desk too!!

    I'm a new visitor too. I too, lost weight at Weight Watchers, made lifetime, only to regain it all back!!

    I'm still trying to figure out how it seemed so much easier the first time!

    I'll be checking back to see your progress.

  9. I guess that means I'm in Hot-Antonio. I swear if you aren't back in for the day by 10 am you are toast! I have to get up an walk before 7 or its just too miserable. Cheers to you for trying to be out there so much!

  10. Man I am SO WITH YOU here in HotTexas.

    Im the same as Jack Sh*t in that I never schedule off days or weeks (just finished an off week!) as life has a way of doing it for me..

    have fun tonight!

  11. God love ya for exercising in that humidity. I break a sweat just thinkin' about it.