Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sweat Management

Sweating has been a hot topic (pun intended) on my blog and many more lately so I thought I would share a few things that have helped me manage it a little - mostly to spare the people around me from having to see me dripping or worse, get any on them.

I'm that girl at the gym that Gigi wrote about yesterday. The one with all the "gear". I will spend ANY amount of money to make myself comfortable while working out.

Okay here are my new "favorite things". If I was Oprah I would give you all one of everything!

The Halo Headband - I bought mine at REI
This thing is great. I spent $12.95 on a sweat band because I didn't like the way the traditional sweatbands look but this one blows the old school ones away. It's made of anti-microbial material and there are some pads on the inside that block the sweat from dripping in your eyes. It's a miracle people. No sweat in the contacts is a beautiful thing and it looks cute!

The Paktowl - Also purchased at REI
I started using these on the 3-Day and have bought a new one to use in the gym. They are ultra-light, super absorbent towels that come in a pouch. They are pricey but they last forever (if you don't lose them like I do) My gym provides towels but they are too big and rough and they always slide off the machine. This one has a tag that unsnaps and you can hook it on something. I also like it because it's more subtle than the huge white towel when I'm wiping myself off. Damn I'm seriously more worried about my appearance than I thought I was!

Incase ipod armband - bought at Target

Fat [Free] Me posted about her smelly armband at the gym and motivated me to finally buy a more comfortable one that was washable (and hadn't been chewed on by the dog). I love this although if you have skinny arms it would probably be too big. I'll let y'all know when mine falls off because my arms are too skinny ;) Thank you for everyone who suggested to put my headphones on before I put my shirt on. Awesome Idea I never would have thought of. Now I can wait until the Motorola wireless headphones are cheaper! I still find it weird to walk around listening to my own soundtrack. I feel like I'm in a movie!

I'm done plugging sweat management products now. No one has paid me to review these or anything but Al Roker said it was over 90 degrees in 80% of the United States today so I'm sure I'm not the only one having "issues".

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Love all the ideas here. Might actually look into the headband if it could actually also improve the look of my hair while working out, which generally looks like Medussa. Would also like to hear more about whether the arm band stays put. I always imagine my cone-shaped arms capable of holding onto nothing but fat.

    Thanks for the shout-out.

  2. I love the headband - sweat has been pouring down my face and into my eyes (ouch, burn) and I've been threatening to go all "Olivia Newton-John '80s headband" on my workout mates...this REI headband is way cooler, and I will def. order it!

    Thanks for the tips, gearlady!

  3. LOL, I love the new armband and the sweatband - great to know that I am not the only one that has sweat issues!

    I must get one of those towels too. Next time you go shopping, I am coming with you, you find good stuff!

  4. I must have that towel! And I really think a picture of you all geared up is in order. C'mon. Snap-snap.

  5. Thanks for all the tips! I would love to have a set of wireless headphones. What a spluge that would be.

  6. Well somebody should pay ya! Great reviews.
    Shelly-that was funny. I bet no one has ever said that before: threatening to go all "Olivia Newton-John '80s headband"

  7. OMG I am so putting that towel and armband on my wish list!

  8. GREAT IDEAS and love that you, like I do, promote what you love sans endorsement :)

    now if we could just get the companies to see this and give us all freeeeeeebies.



  9. I just love all the products you told here and thinking to have all of them along with my diet pills to keep my body feet.Hope soon I will get some of them.Thanks for the idea.

  10. I'm the sweatiest girl ever so I love these ideas!