Friday, June 12, 2009

I think I like running a LOT

So I'm officially doing the couch to 5k program just because I wanted something to follow to increase my running and was too lazy to figure out a plan for myself. My body craves running (and sometimes yoga) which is a brand new thing for me. Maybe it's the invention of the i-pod that helped. Maybe I need the mental release. Maybe it's because I see progress so quickly. I guess I shouldn't care why I like it but the purpose of this blog is for me to explore what works and doesn't work.

One thing I find odd is that when I do the running part of the workouts, I feel less strain on my legs the faster I run. One would think it would be a good idea to start running slower but it hurts me to shuffle along and feels better the more I'm actually running. It probably has to do with the G-force of the flying fat!

I have no specific running goals other than to complete the C25K program and then buy myself some new sweet running shoes from a real running store. In the mean time, I'm searching for a comfortable armband for my i-pod and may eventually invest in some wireless headphones. I'll spend any amount of money to keep myself happy while exercising!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I have a ton of social obligations as always but I have to keep control this weekend since I totally blew it last weekend. Feels great to be back on track!


  1. Until you save up for the wireless headphones-- try putting the armband on and headphones in before you put you shirt on. That way the cord is between your tshirt and your sports bra. Maybe that's obvious to most people, but it saves me a lot of tangling and hassle!

  2. Hmmmm.... never considered the G-forces of flying fat. May have to do research paper now...

  3. ooohhh....I didn't even THINK of wireless headphones! Of course, why not! I always get tangled in the cord while I run and probably should just run the wire under my shirt and out the top or save for wireless headphones!

    Have a fun, social weekend!

  4. I'm with you on the running!!

    I also never thought of the wireless headphones. I hate messing with the cord while I'm running. I'll have to give that a try!

  5. It is great, this running lark, isn't it?

    Wireless headphones exist? Want!

  6. Good luck with the C25K. I'm loving, or was loving it until I got this silly cold. If you have an iphone there the C25k app you can download which totally rocks.

    It'll be fun to compare notes.

  7. Good for you!! I'm still waiting for that "I gotta" moment when it comes to my exercise. Hopefully soon. :)

  8. Just did my first 5k last Sunday.(and I have never been much of a runner). I used the couch to 5k. I did better than I expected and it is really a great feeling accomplishment. I now crave running as well -- something I NEVER thought would happen. Good luck!

  9. Good for you for running - it's actually true that running slower than your "given" pace is much harder! So if you're running TOO slow it won't work! :o)

    I do the cord between t-shirt and ears thing, wireless just don't work for me. :o)

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I can do Jillian jumping jacks better faster than slower, so you really may be on to something!

    Glad you are back on track Tina.

  11. That's sooo great that you actually crave running. I started the C25K program recently. Just finished W2D1 yesterday so I am very new. Good luck with that! I've got to look into the wireless headphones too. :)

  12. Really sounds like you are in the zone. Keep it up!

    I am very unfamiliar with this running thing that everyone's doing. Am too afraid of run-away fat. Maybe after I lose a little more I'll give it a go.

  13. great for you with the goal and, IMO, **great** for you to have the overall goal of just COMPLETING the program.
    Perfect and perfectLY setting yourself up for success.