Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I'm not used to this temperature in Atlanta. It was 18 this morning. Usually we have it a few days a year but not multiple days in a row. I think i've lost my favorite plant and my water bottle was in the car and frozen solid. They are saying single digits next week and I'm dreaming about wearing flip flops.

I almost used it as excuse not to go to the gym this morning. I've only been at this a few weeks and already it's starting. Luckily I've learned not to listen to myself much and went anyway. I tried to think about how good that post gym shower and warm cup of coffee would be and it worked. I just don't want this to be a battle with myself everyday. The fat me is much bigger and tries to beat the skinny me down sometimes but skinny me is strong and getting stronger every day.

I was hoping to do a leg session at the gym but the coach still needs to set me up on a routine and he was so busy so I just did 45 minutes of cardio today on the treadmill. Had I known that I would have been in the pool which is about twice the amount of calories burned. It was fun to listen to music for a change and my butt hurts so it was obviously good. I'm going to have to put on about 10 layers to walk the dogs a little later and burn a few more calories.

I only managed 1458 calories yesterday which is odd since I felt like I ate a lot. It's amazing how when you eat your calories from healthy food you get so much more food. I roasted a $3 chicken last night and am making soup from the rest as I write. Produce box comes today. I never thought I'd be so excited about a bunch of fruits and veggies!


  1. We're freezing along with you Tina. This morning while getting ready for work I head the weather guy say, "It's 20 degrees - believe it or not folks, it's colder in Atlanta!" I immediately thought of you. The cold wears me out but I swear if it's only by sheer willpower I will not let it deter me from my plan!

  2. I just found your blog and I can relate. I have battled my weight my whole life, and finally now feel like I'm starting to get control. Stay warm. It's in the teens here, but that's normal. :(

  3. Can totally sympathize with the freezing!! Haven't had double digit temps for days on end now. We do have 30+" of snow on the ground, so that's wonderful, too. But if you're not used to it, (or even when you are) it sucks.

    I know what you mean about getting your produce box delivery. I'm always sad when fall comes and my deliveries have to stop. I'll be anxiously awaiting my first delivery in April, tho'.

    Stay warm!!

  4. Good for you for going! Keep warm!

  5. I can relate to the temp -- so cold right now!!

    Great job going to the gym anyway. You are a champ!

  6. Great blog.. I like your calorie counter. Keep it up. Started my new life journy a few days ago. Will be reading your blog for support.


  7. It's freezing here too! It was 12 this morning and that's way tooo cold for me!

    Congratulations on getting up and hitting the gym in spite of the frigid air. I'm so impressed with your commitment. Keep up the good work!

  8. Good for you! We had a HUGE record breaking snowstorm up here in Vermont but I still managed to hit the gym. I always find that it's easier to get to the gym than deal with the guilt of not going.

    I know what you mean about getting to eat a lot more when you don't waste it on bad food. I was just thinking that this morning.

  9. I get your veggie excitement - it's like "who am I?" but it's cool!

    This cold weather is re-damn-diculous! Yes I am complaining...I have become a wimp living in South Texas! Good on ya for getting to the gym despite what your mind said!!!

  10. Good for you getting out there despite the cold! Was it wonderful? LOL I LOVE it.

    I totally understand the difference between the fat you and the skinny you. I've never described it that way- but I really feel you on that one. I just did a post that kind of relates.

    Keep up the good work! In less that 365...we'll both be less of a woman and not even remotely sad about it.:0D

  11. Hi!! I just got back from Beijing with winds coming down from Siberia, and that is the coldest I have ever been I think!

    Ignore the battle for now! After a few weeks it becomes habbit and you actually have to convince yourself NOT to go to the gym even if you have a good excuse (like your really really busy!).

    Hey I hate to ask a random question but I'm a bit new and I might have missed it, but I was wondering what you were doing on the food/nutrition side of all of this?

    I only ask because I've always been really great at the exercise part, I just kinda lose the battle on the eating/nutrition side. I even used to be doing multi-vitamins because I was reading from the FDA that all Americans, even if they are on only organics, need to take vitamins because our food simply doesn't contain the 40-something nutrients we need daily.

    But then I found out multi-vitamins aren't ideal because the body can't fully absorb a day's worth of nutrients in the time it takes the body to pass the tablet through the system.

    Anyways so I'd really like to get your opinion or advice!

    I personally just stumbled upon a nutrition program designed by this doctor that actually won the Nobel Prize in nutrition and biochemistry for his work on this system and have been having some remarkable results, but I am always interested to learning what other people are doing. I jumped on the weight maintenance/gain program because I am a marathon runner and looking to stay right where I am or to perhaps add a bit of muscle mass, but I know the weight loss nutrition plan has had some outstanding results with a ton of people, so it seems pretty good, but again, I would really like to just hear how you approach it all considering the popularity of your blog and your experience here!

    I don't want to post the link because I don't want you to think I'm being spammy at all, I really would just absolutely value your opinion. So if you have the time to look over this program at all please email me anytime at alexidouvas@gmail.edu, or I'll just keep reading to see what you have to say about general nutrition!!

    Keep up the amazing work. And ignore the battle for now, it gets MUCH easier, your doing amazing :)

    Wishing you a happy and healthy new years!

  12. Lol, girl. Fat Tammy almost didn't let me go to the gym yesterday either. But as Skinny Tammy sat shivering in her car waiting on it to warm up, she thought of you!! I wondered if you made it out in these temps yesterday...somehow I knew you did. :) You're ready to do this...I can tell. Very proud of your tenacity. :)

  13. For some warm weather flip-flop wearing, you can't beat the weather here in New England at a very toasty 25 degrees. Wish I could send you my fleece jacket but I'm wearing it.

    Great that you won the fight about swimming. Keep it up.

  14. I was reflecting earlier this morning how I don't ever want to give up my morning work out. If someone had told me a year ago that I would say that to myself now, when I tried to psyche myself out of going to the gym, I would have thought they were crazy. Keep it up! It's all in the routine!