Monday, January 11, 2010

Slow start

I had the worst time getting started today. I was up at 7 and fought with myself until 9:30 until I finally gave in and went to the gym. The good thing about this time of year is every time I sit down to watch tv (which I'm trying to do less of) there's always something on about diet and exercise. Once again I reminded myself over and over how great I would feel when I got home. I realized later on that I worked until 9 last night and maybe I deserved a little bit of a slow start.

I did 50 minutes in the pool this morning which is 10 more than I usually do and it went by in a flash. It seems like the only time I don't watch the clock and pray for it to go quickly is when I'm swimming. It think that means I really love it :)

I didn't post yesterday due to the work frenzy but I did log my calories. I went slightly over both days (100 each day) but for a weekend, I'm considering that a victory. I even had a pancake and a half with real maple syrup and (mostly) fit it in.

Now I have a ton of work to do and I must get to it. Hope everyone has an awesome week.


  1. Weekends are tough. Schedule changes a bit, and so do my eating habits. I kinda try and plan for the extra calorie or two each day, but sometimes I just can't help myself, and go a bit overboard. As long as I reel myself back in, I feel better about it. :)

    Good for you on the swimming. Having an enjoyable activity really does pass the time easily.

  2. Weekends and Monday mornings are so hard to deal with - but you did it! And best of all, the extra swimming went by in a flash. Nice to enjoy that kind of exercise.

    Happy Monday!

  3. Yes, you must really love swimming! I love it as well. It's so great that you found an activity you like - makes it much easier to stick with it.
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  4. I really struggle with getting up on time Mondays, and I'm usually *more* tired when I oversleep than if I just get up when I'm supposed to!

    Great job getting to the gym anyways. Swimming is great - I miss it!

  5. Good on ya for getting to the gym - love that the TV helped to guilt you into it. Hey, whatever works, right?!?