Saturday, January 9, 2010

Grrrrr and Brrrrr

This morning I woke up awake and full of energy. I was excited to get back to the gym after it being closed all day yesterday due to the "winter weather". I put on my bathing suit (and 5 layers of shirts), ate my oatmeal and rushed out in the below zero windchill. As I pulled around the corner I saw there were hardly any cars there and I was even more excited to have the pool to myself. Then I saw people sitting in their cars. Very pissed off people. I went up to the door and was locked. Another person came up and asked what was going on and I just stood there in disbelief. Closed. No sign, nothing. They were supposed to have opened at 8 and it was 9 already. After about 3 minutes of lively discussion with other disgruntled people I decided to head home. I called for about an hour and then gave up.

I joked the other day about us Southerners not being able to handle the snow but this is ridiculous. I'm angry enough to ask for 2 days money back. All the roads are open and the sun is shining. Sure it's freezing cold but that's when people need the gym more than ever!

Okay rant over. I feel better after getting that out.

I went about 300 calories over my limit yesterday but it was spent very wisely...on beer :) I haven't had any alcohol since New Years Eve and I think a beer or 2 or a glass of wine every couple of weeks can be worked in. I'm just going to have to watch what I eat a little more on those days. Could have been a lot worse.

Now I'm putting on 500 more layers of clothes and going out with my husband to walk our crazy dogs and burn some calories. Speaking of dogs, we childless people do things like getting their portraits done. Aren't they cute though?? Plus, unlike children, I can stick them out back and shut the door.


  1. Cute photo!!

    Oh, I would be livid pi$$ed off too if my gym closed!!! It's my (literal) sanity and if they closed I'm not sure what i would do. Good for you though on keeping on track and having a back-up plan in place!!

  2. AREN'T supposed to stick your children out back and shut the door?!? Some days that was the only thing that kept me sane!!!

    Cute doggie picture - they posed very nicely and I hope they got some treats for being so good!

    Yeah, I would be mad at the gym being closed, too. Especially when you went to all the trouble to force yourself to get out in the cold weather!

  3. Your doggies are adorable!

    Having lived in Texas many years ago, it still amazes me how a little snow & cold stops the city completely!! I would have been beyond pissed if I'd bundled up, driven to the gym, and found it closed with no explanation. That would be a prime opportunity to use my vast array of curse words!

  4. LOL on the wise beer. :)

    Made me think of the quote attributed to Ben Franklin: "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

    (Of course 1. He was talking about rain and 2. He didn't say it quite like this. I still love the quote, though.)

  5. Your dogs are so good! They must not be as crazy as mine because we tried to take them to get their portraits done and they were completely insane. Plus, one of them is deaf so he don't take directions well. Anyway, your dogs are adorable and mine need to work on being more like them.

  6. I hope your workout with the pooches was good. Frustrating about the gym. I found a copy of jillian michael's 30 day shred at walmart for $9. I also have the kettlebell goddess dvd. Both of those are good stay-at home alternatives, too. Always have a backup plan, right?

    Hey....I started my journey last March at 253. I had also lost most of it before (back in 1997) and it all found me again. It sounds like you are doing it right this time. Good job!!

  7. We do portraits too.LOL Sorry 'bout the gym..I wouldn't be too shy about asking for my money back! Seems pretty rediculous! Keep up the good work!

  8. Ooops... time to let the dog back in. Thanks for the reminder ;)

  9. Wow! so glad I found your blog. I swim too!