Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dodging a Bullet

Yesterday was a bit of a struggle for me but luckily being back to blogging regularly has made me so much more self-aware.

I had taken day off from the gym after 7 days in a row and I never seemed to be able to get going for the day without it. Later in the afternoon my business partner and I had to deal with a huge mess regarding a friend we thought we could rely on as another partner. I almost had an anxiety attack so I took half a xanax which didn't help my energy level.

I was really hurt and disappointed and all I wanted to do was eat. That's how quickly I found myself retreating to my old thoughts. I had already eaten a huge salad for lunch so I had an apple and Laughing Cow. Then a hundred calorie pack (luckily, only one). Then all I could think about was a cheeseburger from Five Guys. I wanted to be stuffed full and go to bed early. Even though we had already planned on having some whole wheat pasta with sauce that was already made and defrosting, I just couldn't bare the thought of it. The dogs were desperate for an "outing" so we decided to go to Moe's and pick up something that would satisfy my need for comfort without breaking the calorie bank. (a Joey Junior has only 383 calories without cheese)

It was delicious of course and fulfilled a need but I feel like that need to eat for comfort is never going to leave me. The important thing now I suppose is my awareness of it and working around it. Don't get me wrong. I know I can work the things I love into my meal plans but this really showed me how working out first thing in the morning sets the tone for my WHOLE day. Even my only day off, I need to move a little to get my head on straight.

I was still a little blah and tired this morning but I got up, laced up my shoes, and drove my husband to the train. In that short trip his encouragement turned my crap attitude around and by 7:15 am I had done AN HOUR on the treadmill. 30 minutes of that was couch to 5k then another half hour of incline walking. I feel like yesterday never happened and I'm back to my motivated self. If I'm going to do this half marathon, there is no room for setbacks.

As I was getting dressed for my part time job, I realized I didn't really have any summer pants that fit anymore. I'm hoping there's something in the archives to get me through this summer without having to buy anything new. Buh-bye to the size 20 somethings. The teens are back! I WILL remember this feeling next time I face a challenge.


  1. Do you realize what you did yesterday? You should re-read what you wrote.

    There are probably a bazillion people who want to know how to get beyond emotional eating. How to fight the fight. How to not give in.

    Your post yesterday portrays that you, my dear friend, are learning! Sure, you may struggle. Sure, yesterday was probably a horrible day but look at what you did?!! You will probably slip and fall in the near future but you are well on your way to a stronger you!

  2. Very well handled! I don't think I would have reacted so well. Well done :)

  3. Awesome job, Tina...another non-scale victory...I am proud to see that you are only human...LOL! Realizing our struggles and working through them is the true sign of success and achievement! Kudos to you!!!

  4. Smiling so big for you, my friend! So many victories rolled into one day. Life doesn't guarantee much but for sure we're getting a shitty day every now and again; you handled it beautifully!

    Call me if you ever need to be talked down or talked into putting something down. :)

  5. awesome job at keep the binge at bay! You are amazing, with or without your hubby telling you so!Keep up the fantastic job!

  6. It's so hard to change habits of a lifetime when it comes to comfort eating, but you handled it brilliantly. Well done and you're right to be proud of yourself. Go girl!

  7. I so agree with you on the emotional part of eating...it will always be there, but it's how we choose to deal with it (and let's face it, sometimes a little bit of comfort food is, well, comforting!). Love your realization over this, and the part about exercise first thing setting the tone of the day? OMG, so true for me as well.

    Congratulations on your clothes not fitting! Love that problem! :)

  8. You did amazing. Good job! Congrats on making it down to the teens too.

  9. you should be so very proud of yourself.

    here's hoping youre still walking on air and NOT forgetting how you overcame what could have been an emotionally eating filled day.


  10. You should have called me girl!!! I'm sorry your friend let you down...that's the worst thing to deal with. I think I'll always turn to food for comfort, too, but as you said, will have to learn ways to work around it, and you worked around it just beautifully. I know that's a fantastic feeling of accomplishment...enjoy it, and remember it! :)