Sunday, August 1, 2010

me week

Is anyone else amazed that it's August already? I'm trying to clear my head of negative thoughts about how much I'd hoped to accomplish by this time and focus on what I have done. I think I've survived the loss of my job and have come out okay on the other side. It's still a struggle financially and I have to work so much harder to pay the bills but I actually had a few bucks left over this month and treated myself to a "me week". I got my hair cut and colored, I went shopping, I got some new makeup, cleaned and organized my bathroom and closet and stocked up on some good food for the week ahead. I thought I would finish it off with a weekend blog post which always makes me feel great. After this it's back to work :)

I've been keeping up my exercise during the hottest summer we've ever had but weekend eating has been negating all my efforts during the week. I feel strong but flabby which is a sign that it's time to add some weights into the routine. My plan for this week is to do my usual cardio and give myself some time after for some body weight exercises. Saturday, the other Y (that I haven't been to yet) has a Body Pump class at 9:30 am that has a 15 minute setup class for first timers. I haven't been in years and that helps ease my fears a little. When I lost 100 pounds the last time, I went 3 days a week religiously and it was my favorite way to workout. I'm hoping to see some results from this plan.

Okay now I'm totally procrastinating and need to work in hopes of one day going on vacation again. Here's to the week ahead!


  1. Me week's are sooo necessary! For whatever reason, nothing motivates me to do the right thing quite like feeling like I look good. You go girl!

    Definitely let's meet up at the Farmer's Market. I go every week! I'll message you my number so you can let me know what works for you! :)

  2. Love the "Me Week". Totally necessary, and very welcome. Enjoy.


    I shall join you.

    Friday will be MEMizFitDay.

  4. So glad you got a Me Week - you certainly deserved it! I hear good things about Body Pump classes and would totally be taking them if I weren't letting Brad and Linda kill me.

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