Thursday, August 26, 2010

This is where it gets tough

Well it seems I've already hit my first plateau which happened to coincide with my 1940's plaster kitchen ceiling falling down. $1600 to replace. That's the family price! Ironically it's the same price as a trip to Scotland which I was planning for Christmas. Looks like now my husband will go without me (again) and I'll stay home and bask in my modern day drywall kitchen ceiling. You can probably hear my heavy sigh from wherever you are reading this :)

The scale has my mind all messed up this week. Even though the official weigh in for the challenge isn't until tomorrow, I've been checking all week and I've somehow gained. I'm eating like a saint and doing an hour and 30 minutes a day of cardio.

No worries though, I'm not giving up. I just need to recognize when I'm feeling weak and get it out there.

Yesterday could have been really bad. I had a meeting in a particular part of town that I used to love to go to because our beloved drive-in, the Varsity Jr. is right there. It's the perfect place to sit in the car and gorge on the greasiest of chili dogs and pimento cheeseburgers (oh and the fried peach pies). I never thought I'd say this but thanks to the City of Atlanta zoning department, they just closed over the weekend and I avoided at least a 2,000 calorie disaster. Luckily the main location is ridiculous crowded and difficult to get to so I think my biggest temptation in the ATL is now gone for good.

Even my workout yesterday felt crappy. I was sore and tired and my legs felt like I had ankle weights on. Then we went to a concert last night and now my entire body hurts from jumping around to some seriously good Ska music. My left hip has been sore during my runs but today they are both on fire so I'm finally going to go to a chiropractor about it. It's not unbearable but it would be nice if it wasn't there at all! I'm sure being a fat person running isn't helping.

I'm off to the pool in a few for a gentle swim in hopes of improving my mood and my aching bones. Trying to treat myself to things that make me feel good that don't involve food and/or shopping.

I'm hoping that I at least stay the same for tomorrows weigh-in instead of having to post a gain in the challenge. I will not let that piece 0' crap scale beat me. I HAVE TO keep going. I'm a half-marathon participant now and those people don't just give up :)


  1. Don't just rely on the scale. It can go up and down repeatedly during the day and week. Make sure you are taking measurements and compare those every 10 lbs or every month. Then even if the scale isn't doing what you want it to, you will have a measurement of your lost inches. You're doing awesome with the activity! Keep it up!

  2. We all have those periods that we feel like we're doing all the right things and the scale isn't responding. I'd suggest two things...

    One, your body is going to adjust to your lower caloric intake. That's why the exercise is so important; the body can learn to make do with fewer calories, but it has no defense against you burning them calories up. Just make sure you're regularly increasing the time and/or intensity.

    Two, know that what you're doing is better than what you're NOT doing (binging, slothing). You KNOW how that affects the scale...

    Keep your head in the game, Tina. And I'm sorry about your ceiling... ah, the joys of home ownership.

  3. Definitely don't let the scale distract you! You've got great momentum going, so don't step on that scale again today and just keep up the good work.

    I work hard in thinking of ways to reward myself that doesn't involve food (but that is also low cost). I love a good book and hot bath. Maybe a leisurely walk in the park. Have some friend over to play board games! It doesn't necessarily have to be active, just calorie-less. :)

  4. Tina, I think that you matter what the scale shows!!! I agree...everything that you are doing (really? An hour and a half of cardio? I have to push to get 50 minutes in!)is to be commended and recognized--no matter what that darn scale shows tomorrow...

    Oh and the fact that you were so close to the Varsity Jr. that closed...that was a lifesaver...not sure that I could have turned it away...I do love me some slaw dogs from there (and there's a location in Kennesaw now, too...dangerously close to me!).

    Anyway--just note your super successes...AWESOME!

  5. If you're doing the right thing, don't worry about what the scale says. Challenge, smallenge!

    I'm finally back in town but prepping to move this weekend. I'll definitely need to hit the Farmer's Market next week. Let me know if you want to meet up to shop and work out!

    I'm signed up for the marathon tomorrow before the cost changes! Can't wait to see you!

  6. Keep at it - the scale will budge eventually. It can be really frustrating, but as long as you're exercising and continue making good choices, the scale won't stand a chance! ;)

  7. Oh Tina, so sorry about your ceiling! I have having to spend money on house (or car, for that matter) repairs. NOT FUN.

    Try not to let the scale get to you - I think that your body needs to have a bit of an adjustment period when you are losing weight, and you may be there right now. Sometimes you just have to put your head down and plow ahead, no matter what. And like you said, you're one of THOSE people now...runners don't give up, right?!?

  8. Ive been there and CLEARLY recall shouting at my husband (now husband) WHY AM I DOING THIS THEN? NOTHING IS CHANGING?!

    but I stuck with it (under protest :)) and it eventually all shifted.

    you can do this
    you can do this
    you can do this


  9. Come on girl...we ALL know the scale's a bitch....don't you dare let that stop you!! No matter what that piece of crap says, you KNOW in your brain and in your heart that if you keep doing the right things, the #'s will eventually catch up. It makes it even harder when you're sore all spend a couple of days exercising in the pool to take the weight off your joints, etc. That's a fantastic idea. And thank God you couldn't get to the Varsity, right? lol That place is the pinnacle of EVIL in Atlanta restaurants (grease pits).

    So sorry to hear about the ceiling and you missing the trip to Scotland due to it. You've got a lot of crap falling on you this week, don't you??? I just want you to hang're GOING to make it through this and to the other side...the sun will shine again soon, and you'll feel SO much better if you keep doing all the right things for yourself while you make your way through this.