Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday weigh in - one month update!

I can't believe it's been a month since my surgery. As y'all know, my one month follow up with the surgeon was yesterday and he was genuinely thrilled with my progress. So many of the people I know from support group have surgeons who hardly say a word. I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to sit down with him and have an open conversation about all aspects of the surgery - not just the surgical part.

Let's get right to the stats:
Jan 14 - Start of liquid diet - 250
Jan 29 - Surgery weight - 237 -13
Feb 8 - 231 -6
Feb 15 - 222 -9
Feb 22 - 220  -2
Mar 1 - 218  -2
Starting BMI = 48
One month post surgery BMI = 42.6!! - 5.4

The weight loss has slowed - I wouldn't call it a stall but I went from losing a pound a day to 2 pounds a week. His suggestion for speeding it up again is less cardio and more calories. No medical professional has ever said that to me before. It was like opposite day.

Now here's where it gets pretty mind blowing for me. The inches! I had my trainer do my measurements so they would be accurate (thank you Karen for being AWESOME) and I still can't get over the difference:
Waist: - . 5"
Chest: - 1. 5"
Hips: - 3. 5"
Thighs: L - 1. 5" R - 1"
Arms: - 1. 75"
Calves: - 1. 25"
- 11" total 

Okay now pictures. I'm not thrilled with these but we are documenting this honestly and this is part of the process. Hopefully I will grow to love my pictures more each month. 

All in all, it's been a great month. I'm so lucky to have never had a single complication.
I'm totally cleared for everything now - all exercise and solid food. Surgeon recommends weight lifting and yoga with cardio 3 days a week. Of course I will listen to every word he says because it's done me well so far!

This afternoon I'm going to a 60 minute Bikram class to ease back in. It will be good practice for Tuesdays 75 minute class. I cannot WAIT to be back in the hot room - 11 inches and 32 pounds gone since the last time I was there!

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Amazing! You can really see your progress in the pictures.

    Keep on rocking it!

  2. You look so much smaller!!! Amazing. Just so pleased for your new life, Tina! :)

  3. You're doing awesome! Keep up the good work and you'll reach your goal in no time!

  4. You are inspiring me to get my rear in gear. Great job gal!!!

  5. You are inspiring me to get my rear in gear. Great job gal!!!

  6. OMG - you look sooooooo great! What a difference!

  7. I am so very happy for you!! I can see such a difference in only a month wow!!!

  8. Wow!!! You look amazing!! Keep up the hard work.

  9. You look amazing! and keep up with it. For sure maybe few months from now you'll get your ideal body.